Follow Your Heart.

Empowering women is noble.

You can have the relationship of your dreams.

Ensure that she smiles every single day.

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What is a Female Led Relationship?

A Loving Female Led Relationship is a relationship where the couple chooses to place the happiness, satisfaction and progress of the woman as the main priority.

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Men Flourish Through Loving Guidance

No man is born into this world without a woman guiding his entrance. A woman produces life and with her words, actions and love, she molds that young life.

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The Basic Ingredient For Female Led Relationships

Whether a couple participates in a FLR by choice or by nature, the one thing that is common is the man’s decision to honor the woman’s choices.

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The 2 Basic Types of Female Led Relationships

When you ask men and women to describe a Female Led Relationship you may get two different responses. Be sure that the relationship you have is the one that pleases YOU.

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Real Reviews From the Becoming a Goddess Course

Names and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of our students.

It was transformative, amazing, intuitive!!! Te-Erika asks tough questions and challenges the entire course. But she is really inviting ourselves to see something that is right in font of us, but we can not see. Te-Erika is always happy, even if she is empowering us with those challenges. I would recommend everyone take a course with Te-Erika, even if not just FLR because of how self empowering she invited her clients to be.

Laney, 32

I think some of the most effective times in this course for me were when we had a chance to interact as a group with you moderating. It may be only true for me, but this was absolutely my first time actually speaking to women who are actively involved in FLR's. I thought all those online groups, and worse face to face meetings would be full of just weird kinky dominatrix types that I would have nothing in common with, I would've liked more time to talk with them.

Carissa, 41

I think this program helped me to work through some of my personal issues in making my FLR more successful.

Glenda, 53