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A Loving Female Led Relationship is...

A committed, Loving union in which the woman’s happiness, satisfaction and progress are the primary focus in the relationship. She sets specific expectations and standards for the relationship and her partner will do whatever it takes to ensure her happiness.

He honors her choices. He ensures that she has everything she needs to create a wonderful life for their family. Couples involved in Loving Female Led Relationships (Loving FLRs) have openly agreed that she is the leader in the relationship and he is content in his role as supporter.

There are very few disagreements in a Loving FLR...

Because he wants her to win and it is his mission to ensure that she does.  She sets the vision for the progress of the relationship and like a hero, he uses his skills and intelligence to ensure that her vision comes to pass. They work together as a team to create her dream life.

He enjoys meeting and exceeding her expectations. He appreciates that she will always let him know how to keep her happy. He loves it when she challenges him to be a better man. When she approves of him he feels as though he has fulfilled his life purpose. She expresses loving authority, which he craves, never settling for less than she believes she deserves. Their relationship thrives because of his desire to please her and her appreciation for his service. 

A Loving Female Led
Relationship is Not...

Dependent upon kink, BDSM or a woman’s ability to control a man.  Women in Loving FLRs are not superior to men and do not treat men as though they have no value. Women in Loving FLRs are not mandated to dominate men sexually. Loving FLRs are not relationships where the man's needs are ignored.

Women in Loving FLRs honor the men who are IN DEVOTION to their relationship. Women in Loving FLRs respect men for being their unyielding support.

"My husband and I are able to play the roles that we really want to play."

Andrea's Story

My husband and I met and fell in love in graduate school. We could see that other academic couples had a hard time finding jobs in the same city, unless one person, usually the woman, was less ambitious. He told me that if I wanted a tenure-track job, he'd go wherever I got one. He'd be happy working as an adjunct and playing the supporting role for my career. I believed him because he loved to cook and do housework. He even likes grocery shopping, which I can't stand. We hadn't heard the term Loving FLR, but that's what we've had from early on. When the kids came along, we shared the work pretty equally. During the pregnancy (of course) and first months I did more and took some time off, but afterward he was the one with more flexible schedule.

I've never felt constrained in my career. I can work late, travel, and pretty much do what I want, knowing that my husband is doing what he wants. His teaching is fulfilling for him, but his real calling in life is doing whatever I need him to do. I would have been willing to share the cooking and housework, but I'm happy let him take care of all that. I do manage our finances, partly because I'm better at doing it, but also because I like being on top of them. As for decision making, we decide all important financial and parenting matters together, but in other areas, when we disagree, I know I can have the last word if I want to. I don't "pull rank" very often, but I appreciate knowing that I can. When I do, my husband is disappointed at first, but that disappointment quickly fades, and he loves seeing me assert myself in this way. He won't pretend to prefer ballroom dancing to football, but if I put my foot down, he'll not only be happier watching the dancing with me, he'll ask me if he can rub my feet while we watch.

The best thing is that both my husband and I are able to play the roles that we really want to play.

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