Creating Loving Relationships that Empower Women

A Loving Female Led Relationship is a committed, Loving union in which the woman’s happiness, satisfaction and progress are the primary focus in the relationship. She sets specific expectations and standards for the relationship and her partner will do whatever it takes to ensure her happiness.

He honors her choices. He ensures that she has everything she needs to create a wonderful life for their family. Couples involved in Loving Female Led Relationships have openly agreed that she is the leader in the relationship and he is content in his role as supporter.


Whether you prefer one-on-one coaching, the dynamic environment of group coaching or you elect to take a self paced online class, you will be introduced to the wisdom you need to create a relationship that is healthy, drama-free and mutually satisfying.


Learn how to establish, structure, lead and maintain a Loving Female Led Relationship. Resolve your issues peacefully.


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The Loving FLR blog shares real Loving FLR stories. We also explore how women can become more effective leaders, how society interacts with women in entertainment, leadership and social situations and how men can empower the women in their lives.


Te-Erika is a fantastic trainer, coach and person. I am so thankful I was guided by her. She has so much knowledge in the field, wisdom, wonderful sense of humor, the ability to support. The course itself is very much presented – it has a lot of information, assignments which really make one think deeply, challenges. I really really recommend this course to any woman, no matter if they want an FLR or not. It gives so much power, self-respect, it clarifies so many doubts. I am happy I can teach my own daughter one day all the things I learned on this course. I am happy she can see how a woman can be respected and treated.

Carolyn M.

Te-Erika was passionate about her training program and treated all of her students with respect. She challenged and guided us but she also wanted to learn from us which I thought was a sign of a great teacher. Te-Erika wanted to get to know each one of us because she truly wanted to help.  She tailored her course based on our questions and concerns but still focused on the material that she believed would help us. I was never bored in Te-Erika’s class. Not only was the subject matter  interesting and practical, Te-Erika’s delivery of the material kept my attention throughout the course.

John L.

Being in Te-Erika’s coaching program was like having a strict school teacher. At the same time, I greatly appreciate Te-Erika’s dedication, reliability and wisdom. I also appreciate how well organized and structure the content is. During our One on One call, I could feel Te-Erika’s heart and that is important to me, because as student I need to feel the support and understanding of my teacher.

Jessica M.


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