3 Motivations for Men Who Want Female Led Relationships

Men who want a FLR are motivated by 3 reasons. Each motivation could lead to a successful FLR if the woman first, understands his motivation and then accepts the man’s motivation before she decides that she wants to use it to her advantage.

Take a look at these 3 motivations to see which one your potential partner is motivated by…

Need to be Guided

This man wants a Female Led Relationship because he needs to be guided and motivated to be the best version of himself by a woman. He knows that he could do better in his life but there is something about having a woman to prove himself to that pushes him to do more than he would do for himself.

A woman would recognize this type of man when she gently criticizes something about him and he changes it immediately.

Need to Be Abused

This man wants a Female Led Relationship because he believes aggression and punishment is love. He prefers a woman who only criticizes him harshly or emotionally abuses him, withholding praise, affection or love. He enjoys having to strive to receive her praise which he very seldom receives. He may complain that she is never satisfied but you can tell he enjoys it when he does not leave the relationship.

A woman can recognize this type of man because he rejects any woman who is nice to him and praises him and wants to please him.

Desire to Be a Hero

This man wants a Female Led Relationship because he enjoys being of service to a woman he loves. He feels like a real man when he can take care of things for a woman and he enjoys her praise and appreciation. For this man, love is taking care of everything a woman needs or wants. When he is able to make the woman he loves happy consistently, he will go to his deathbed with a smile knowing that he did his part in this world.

A woman can recognize this type of man because he is a hero to many women in his life and he never complains.

Which motivation resonates with you?

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2 Responses to “3 Motivations for Men Who Want Female Led Relationships

  • I think there is one more:

    The Desire to Serve and Be Appreciated

    Many men are not insecure or craven or need punishment or guidance; instead they find personal fulfillment and security and safety and peace of mind when they can focus on their lady and devote themselves in selfless service to her….it gives a man purpose and motivates him, when he sees how much his Queen appreciates him and his selfless efforts to benefit her. We men are creatures who solidify our attention and efforts toward goals and achieving things; it is a key part of our divine masculine nature….thus, an FLR woman really benefits from having this type of man as a partner

  • As I read each synopsis I find myself identifying with them almost sequentially. Firstly, I deeply respect Woman and find in them, possibly a gender – based or genus trait to greater sensitivity along with the inherent wisdom that goes with it. I can honestly say that every good thing that is in my life can be directly traced to the guidance or influence of a woman. In my experience Women are uncannily perceptive and I always learn, and am made better through my various levels of interaction with them. Secondly, I do think Women should be in a position to abuse, beat, punish and discipline men. I know that may seem a bit fanciful or extreme but hear me out. It helps to curtail the rampant make ego, it removes, and assuages the pathetic male need to be superior to, or in authority over a Woman and physical abuse can be great fun, and satisfyingly for both partners, plus verbal abuse allows Her to let of stream while bringing him to a humbler more realistic self-perspective. Thirdly: I absolutely love Women and personally I derive a great deal of satisfaction from serving a Woman and helper Her to achiever Her best. When I support or serve a Woman I feel centered, purposeful and “founded”. I feel correct as if this is the natural order of things, that a man can “husband” or care for the Woman in his life, to make her the centre of his life and use to all of his abilities to make her happy and insure Her success. She in turn will open Her loving heart and make life for both of them Heaven on earth. This is not childish conjecture or erotic fantasy: I have lived this life; inadvertently perhaps, but I have lived it nonetheless. And now lastly consider this; in Ephesians 5:25-29, men are directed as follows: “husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it”. Think about that for a moment. Jesus Christ was given to create His church; it was his purpose. Through God a man is admonished to make the Woman in his life, the purpose of his life. To serve Her and to love Her is to love himself and achieve his fulfillment as a male. .

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