5 Responses to “4 Traits In Men Who Are Perfect For a Female Led Relationship

  • I guess I am not FLR material after all. I guess I just want a dominatrix significant other.

  • Once again, A post by Te-Erika, that has my newbie gears whirring!

    This might be a great Check list for men seeking a Loving FLR.

    It could be used at a number of junctures along our paths.

    • Maybe something along these lines is a great check-in? I am new to all this… what do I need to be (poorly worded) … and no…fakers… you won’t make it…cracks will show.

    • For me at this very moment, questioning my right to seek what I do. It’s nice to see the things that are clearly me… me since…forever. It also reminds me of things I may have to work harder on, be more mindful of. I don’t think I am a perfect anything. But if you strongly believe you have parts of all these traits… I feel relief that I am on the right path.

    • Maybe at some later time. Some reassessment time. Some self-reflection, self- critique. Either set by a partner… or set it for yourself… am I living these traits?

    Sure…there are probably more traits, we as a community could add or clarify or refine… but these could be a nice key to keeping yourself on the right path…or at least heading in the right direction.

    If you fall off the path… maybe it’s no longer for you…

    just my first thought on reading this…

    I will keep it as a source material for seeing how I am sitting in this Loving FLR spectrum.

    I used to work in places where there were 3 pillars or 4 pillars or however many pillars they used to hold up their “structure”… is this the basis for a man’s “four pillars of Loving FLR”?

  • Te-Erika

    I’d be very interested to hear your views on devotional sex as part of a loving FLR. The ‘knight’ seems to share many characteristics with the true gentleman. I emphasise PART of a loving FLR, because I realise there is much more to a loving FLR than sex.

    Mr. C

    • please email me with information about what devotional sex is? I can write about it on this blog if its relevant.

  • That’s very interesting. I feel exactly like this in regards to my girlfriend. But honestly, I think most normal man do too – specially man that don’t consider themselves as submissive.

    Maybe flr is not really a thing. Just a comeback to the basics…

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