One Response to “5 Hidden Barriers to Finding Love

  • I empathize with everything you said. (The numbers are for each reason)

    1) I don’t ‘treat’ myself the way you do, I wouldn’t do these things alone. But I also don’t give anyone a chance.

    2) I don’t have love poured into me but on the contrary I have the world to give but.. I’m also too critical. I say too critical, but I would describe it as having high standards.

    3) I aim high. My goals aren’t easy to achieve. They need a lot of work. I would have little room for a woman. This makes me unsuitable for most relationships(if any), and especially a FLR. My two desires are in conflict. I have a desire for my thoughts to be occupied by my love for a woman. Making her my religion, so to speak. Thinking about my Goddess. What ways can I do to worship her, what can I do to be blessed by her smile.

    If my thoughts are occupied by my personal goals, I won’t be able to trully commit to her.

    4) Likewise. But instead of men, I dismiss people in general.

    5) I don’t have much to add here. Other than agreement.

    Really liked this post. Thank you.

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