A Loving FLR is Not A Gender Role Reversal

Women who are being introduced to the concept of a Loving Female Led Relationship for the first time don’t have to be frightened by the idea at all. Some may assume that a Loving Female Led Relationship indicates that the woman must take on traditionally masculine qualities and duties in the relationship such as being the primary breadwinner in the relationship, initiating all sexual encounters, being aggressive sexually, proposing marriage or having to make all of the important decisions alone. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A Loving Female Led Relationship has nothing to do with gender role reversal or gender role switches. Loving Female Led Relationships bypass all rules of gender conformity by allowing the woman to decide which responsibilities are best suited for her abilities and which responsibilities are best suited for her partner’s abilities.

Women in Loving FLRs do not have to be the primary breadwinner in the relationship. In fact, the majority of men who want Loving FLRs do not believe the woman they love should have to work if she does not want to. Men in Loving FLRs want to care for the woman in all ways. If she happens to have business goals then he will support them, but he will never require her to support him financially. If he requires anything of her, it is not truly a Loving Female Led Relationship.

A man in a Loving FLR does not have to behave in a feminine way. They should not feel emasculated because most women who enjoy Loving FLRs want a masculine man who is strong, wise and proud of his manhood. A man in a Loving FLR does not have to take care of all of the household chores automatically. If she requests that he take care of the household chores and he is capable of doing so then he will do so happily but if he is incapable of completing the chores properly, he will simply hire someone else to do them. In this case his job is to relieve her of the pressures that she does not want.

Men who paint a picture of how a Loving FLR should be are damaging the foundation of the relationship by pressuring the woman to be their fantasy instead of striving to be hers. No woman has to be aggressive in any way that she does not want to be. She does not have to propose to a man if she wants to be married. If she is ready to be married all she has to do is inform him that she is ready and that he should propose soon.

A Loving FLR is about empowering the woman to live out her dream life with the support of her partner. She patiently explains to him how she wants to be treated and how he can please her and he does it. A Loving FLR has nothing to do with being a “ball buster” or “wearing the pants” in the relationship. A woman can wear a silk blouse, skinny jeans and heels and still lead her relationship with pride.

In a Loving FLR, the woman expresses what she wants and the man supports her decisions. If her dream is to be a housewife and take care of her children full-time then that is a perfectly designed Loving FLR. If her dream is to be the CEO of her own corporation and have her husband support her by managing the household, that is also a perfectly designed Loving FLR.

The Loving FLR COUPLES WORKBOOK guides each couple through deciding what they want from their Loving FLR and establishing their own standards that will benefit them as a couple.

There are no rules to follow. There are no rules to break. When the woman creates the rules for her relationship according to her tastes and the man supports her then they have successfully created a Loving FLR.


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