11 Responses to “His Attention to Detail Makes Him a Great Partner

  • open relationship do not show commitment by either party.

    • I would disagree. If an open relationship is what she wants then it is a very important commitment to accept and support what she wants.

      • That may be true, but, would she be so accepting if he went out and brought a date home to their house? She does not want an exclusive relationship, but probably expects him to be exclusive with her? You call this site lovingflr but from most of what i read and see it is more about selfish flr.

        • Well from the story I read, it sounds like the husband suggested the open relationship. It sounds like he’s okay with her dating. It’s an arrangement that might be working for them. Don’t judge so quickly.

          • Its got nothing to do with loving flr is femdom take the pop quiz. I scored 12 out of 12 for a reason

        • If he were to bring a date home, he’d first have to know if she was okay with it. Therefore he would have to discuss it with her. Judging by what she said, what we know is that he has no such desire. And as I said, if he has such desires, he has to talk to her first.

          Mike. Within the FLR concept, it’s all about prioritizing what she wants, isn’t it?

          Props to the guy for actually doing that.

      • Loving flr is not femdom the reason its called loving is because its between 2 not 3 or 4 that is hardcore femdom thumbs down

  • Very intriguing dynamic going on here. I would love to get the perspective of the partner. Does he participate in the open relationship (pursue other women) Does he not fear his wife developing chemistry with another and potentially bailing on the relationship?

  • My wife is a lesbian, and has me locked in permanent chastity (was my idea, since I know she doesn’t like the male organ). So she wouldn’t want to date other men, but she will want to date other women, and I am 100% in support of that, if/when she chooses.

  • Very nice relationship. She is happy and he loves pleasing her. I would not judge the fact that she chooses to date other men.

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