4 Responses to “Ladies in England Don’t Understand a Female Led Relationship

  • My wife and I started a FLR about 7 months ago. She then cheated on me multiple times for the same reasons you mentioned. We have three kids, so I cannot bring myself to split up my family. I, like you, want her to lead everywhere, but she has proven she cannot handle the power. I just feel trapped now….

    • Don’t make quick decisions! Maybe your family is more important than your wife’s cheating. My wife also had an affair and at first I was upset, but now I have no problem with it.

  • Do not consider it cheating that your wife has been with another man, consider it rather as a freedom that you give her so that she has a full sexual life. She can love you a lot, and at the same time want other men

  • It’s too bad you ran away because she cheated. You could have a loving FLR if you overcame the primitive instinct of sexual jealousy. Love is different from sex and letting your wife have sexual pleasure with another man can be an act of love. Maybe you can go back to her and offer her a really loving FLR with the freedom she wants.

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