One Response to “In My FLR I Feel Like a Mother and Not a Lover

  • Very good advice by Te-Erika here. Isa, I am a husband in an FLR and I can attest that my focus is completely on pleasing my wife and Goddess. I believe in a strong Loving FLR, the lady should not have to punish or scold very often. The man should be regularly understanding what pleases his wife or what can make her life easier. Then, he should take on those tasks eagerly to allow her to flourish and grow in her confidence. I love to pamper my wife every day.

    Occasionally, she will need to correct me or tell me how I could do a housework chore better but she does not need to give me corporal punishment. I never back away or put up constraints to what my Goddess wants. Not only do I always say Yes to whatever she asks, I am eager and excited to carry out whatever she wants because I know it will please her or save her time to do whatever she desires.

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