How Do I Introduce Kink into My FLR?

If you are into Female Led Relationships and you have done any amount of research you have likely been brainwashed to believe a FLR is about kink and that excites you.

The truth is, the FLR love style that the internet promotes is basically a call for men who like to be abused and it is not truly what a FLR should be about.

The term “female led” has been distorted by men to indicate a woman who exerts aggressive authority, controls, dominates, punishes and even hits him if he does not comply to her satisfaction. Truthfully, most powerful women do not want a man they have to control and punish, they are far too busy trying to take care of their communities to focus on giving him the pain he craves.

And honestly, the idea that female leadership is about control and domination and punishment is foolish. Women who love themselves do not want to show men love in that way. Only a man brainwashed by the patriarchy will believe that female leadership is the same as our sordid history of male leadership.

But here we are anyway. Just because your idea of a FLR is based on a patriarchal idea of leadership does not mean that you can’t have the kink you want if you present it in a respectful way.

I understand that kinks cannot be turned off and I still want you to create relationships that empower women so I have created a life changing video lesson to teach you how to introduce kink into your female led relationship without overwhelming or scaring your partner.

In this video lesson, I explain the root of kink and how to communicate your kinky needs to your partner so that they are respected and accepted.

I go into detail describing the most common kinks including CBT, Cuck.holding, forced feminization and domestic discipline and I share how to explain your desires to your partner in a way that they will be respected.

You can have the relationship that you want if you give the woman the relationship SHE wants!


I wish to thank you, for hosting the class, “How to Introduce Kink Into Your Relationship.” This was an amazing class. Your introduction of the overall topic of “Kink” and its definition provided me with an understanding that I lacked. Your coverage of specific Kinks and how to introduce them was powerful. The instructions of how to present your Kinks made sense. You showed a clear way to introduce Kinks to your partner and in a way that is not threatening or repulsive. The method you showed dramatically reduces the probability of a person’s partner outright rejecting Kinks. I feel empowered. Thank you. James H.

If you want to watch the private video on how to introduce kink into your FLR, CLICK HERE!

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