I Am Attracted to Strong Women

I am attracted to strong and independent women and hope to find one through the FLR Matchmaking Service who is a good fit with me. I am looking for a woman I can support, admire and adore. A woman that I can be proud to be her co-pilot, her vice president, her knight.

I hope for a relationship with deep intimacy and the pleasure of being in devotion to my goddess. A relationship with less conflict, less stress. Being appreciated and hearing her say that I’m a good boy when I please her.

What can I offer a Powerful Woman?

  • l have been working on my cooking skills and have experience in keeping the kitchen clean.
  • I have painted women’s toenails before and would enjoy doing this
  • I have a massage table and love giving massages
  • I give great foot rubs
  • I can do laundry
  • I can keep her car clean, fill it with gas for her and start it up for her on hot days and cold mornings.
  • I can run errands.
  • I can do light electrical and plumbing work
  • I can attend to her in the bath / shower, dry her off and brush her hair
  • I am a patient lover and I love to please

I am an only child. Though I see myself as a high value man in my own right, I’ve always been somewhat in awe of women. Though individuals vary, as a gender I believe that they are the superior sex. They live longer, they bear children, have a higher ratio of brain size to body size, are better multi taskers, have higher emotional intelligence and better intuition.

I have been with the same company for over 30 years and am well respected by my management and my peers. My work provides some opportunity to travel, I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people.

I am very giving partner. Whether it’s cleaning her grill for her, doing her laundry, having fresh flowers in the house when she comes home, feeding and picking up after the pets, or anything else that I do I am always happy when she is pleased with me.

I support her freedom to pursue her happiness in any way that she chooses. I have stood by that statement even when it means I am no longer included in her plan.

John is a real Gentleman in our FLR Matchmaking Service. If you are a man who loves strong women like John does, or you ARE a strong woman who wants to meet a man just like Jim, join the FLR Matchmaking Service TODAY.

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