Loving Female Led Relationships Are Not A Kink or Fetish for Submissive Men

Because I received an email from a subscriber named James with naked photos as attachments, I thought this sentiment was worth repeating so that every man knows the truth about Loving Female Led Relationships. Loving Female Led Relationship are not a kink or fetish for submissive men.

Loving FLR does not promote BDSM, kink, fetish or dominance/submission. This is not the platform to join if you think random women will enjoy viewing your naked photos. In fact, any man who tries to send naked photos to a woman without her consent is committing a sexual violation against a woman. Attempting to engage a woman in a conversation about your sexual desires, including sexual control, without her consent is a sexual violation against a woman. Women should lead the conversations about sex or at least express willingness to participate in them.

Women involved in Loving FLRs never want men to introduce sexually themed conversations because we believe you are attempting to LEAD the relationship by doing so. In a Loving FLR, women lead the progress of the relationship. When she is ready for something sexual to happen, she will introduce the topic.

Are you a Submissive man?

  • Do you daydream about being forced to do things for women?
  • Would your life be miserable if you married a woman who was not willing to participate in your kinky desires?
  • Do you want to be with a woman who is aggressive and controlling?
  • Will you only love a woman who allowed you to serve and pamper her?
  • Does the idea of being with a woman who is sweet, loving and caters to you make you feel disgusted?
  • Do you want to be beaten, humiliated, degraded and abused by a woman?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are a submissive man. You want a FEMDOM relationship. You do NOT want a Loving Female Led Relationship, which this site stands for. This website is for people who want LOVING Female Led Relationships that focus on supporting women without aggression or kink.

Why do we refrain from promoting Femdom on Loving FLR?

  • Femdom focuses on controlling the man instead of empowering the woman.
  • Femdom gives too much attention to the man’s needs and does not allow the woman to have her needs met as the priority.
  • Only sadistic, formerly abused or submissive women participate in Femdom.
  • Aggression is not a natural expression for humans. Only people who have been introduced to violence or abuse resort to aggression in their interactions.
  • Femdom is a man’s fantasy.
  • Femdom celebrates a woman who is expressing aggression and anger in her relationship frequently. Women who are provoked to express aggression and anger frequently are more prone to experience headaches, digestion problems, such as abdominal pain, insomnia, increased anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, skin problems, such as eczema, heart attacks and strokes.
  • Women who participate in Femdom after a man has introduced her to it are serving the man’s need to be controlled. These women are not being dominant, they are being submissive to the man’s needs.

Take a look at this video of a former student who contacted me because he desperately wanted to be “submissive” to his wife. His “submissive” desires wreaked havoc on his relationship and caused his wife to be miserable.

Can you become a Gentleman?

  • Can you promise to always be GENTLE with women?
  • Can you honor a woman’s choices without contesting them?
  • Can you allow her to lead, which means she chooses how fast or slow the relationship progresses and the direction it goes in?
  • Can you refrain from introducing your sexual desires until she asks about them?
  • Can you focus on pleasing the woman without demanding that your needs be met?
  • Can you use your skills to support a woman’s goals?
  • Can you place her comfort and emotional safety above your desires?
  • Can you allow her to be her real self with you without demanding that she play a fantasy role that you made up in your mind?
  • Can you treat her as though she is a divine being?

You can choose to be a submissive man or you can choose to be a Gentleman. Your choice is yours yet, this platform, LovingFLR.Com only celebrates Gentlemen. We do not celebrate men who describe themselves as submissive because we want women to be happy, supported and loved by men who require nothing more than to see a woman smile.

If you are having trouble making the transition from submissive man to Gentleman read The Enlightened Submissive: Untwisting the Kink of Submission.

Which do you choose? Please let me know in the comments.

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6 Responses to “Loving Female Led Relationships Are Not A Kink or Fetish for Submissive Men

  • Dear Te-Erika, Thank you for being a voice of truth. Thank you for untwisting the kink that has distorted so many men who could have been fine gentlemen, but became psychologically distorted masochists. You so easily unravel the twisted misconception that has been growing like a virus with the utmost clarity and honesty to reveal that BDSM is a disease. A mental disorder. Your success in helping this couple, and I suspect other couples as well, is a testament to the idea that the truth has the ability to heal.

    You are the breath of fresh air that turns this cockeyed debauchery right-side-up to reveal what it really is, a male-centric distortion. Men who may have begun their journey with sincere intentions to serve their beloved as a gentleman, have been derailed by a demonically twisted sadomasochistic perversion that completely destroys the original impetus which was based in love.

    You are unraveling the distortion and uncovering the beautiful seed of love. The purest form of love is the willingness to sacrifice one’s self to please one’s beloved. To nurture, protect and bring happiness even when that means forgoing one’s personal preferences. This inherent power of love can transform the world into a peaceful and prosperous paradise.

    The way you strip away the deceptive BS that is fittingly called kink, and rekindling the embers of love to unleash the magnificent power of love.

    Jimi Hendrix once said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

    I believe that you have planted the seed of love and beyond that you are nurturing it with your clarity and wisdom causing the power of love to grow. I can feel it in my heart. You are doing a great thing here.

    Thank you so much Te-Erika!

  • You are correct in your statement. But you will have uneducated men at least when it comes to loving FLR. Because you have taken the term from BDSM. I believe women are superior but based on her merits not because of a femdom fantasy.

  • “Only sadistic, formerly abused or submissive women participate in Femdom.”

    Lmao what, first of why would a submissive woman like femDOM,do only submissive men like maledom?

    Secondly ignoring this nuclear hot take how is femdom a “man’s fantasy” there are plenty of women out there who like it

    If you don’t that’s perfectly fine but stop forcing your own personal taste onto everyone

    Thirdly “Femdom gives too much attention to the man’s needs and does not allow the woman to have her needs met as the priority.”

    A lot of the time the needs overlap,you’re very clearly talking about something you have zero knowledge of

  • I am a gentleman who LOVES to stand beside a woman to support in ANYTHING/ANYWAY SHE WANTS me to do.

  • Ms Patterson, I hope you have received my reply to your content. I tried to use my facts and logic as good as possible, so I apologise if you ever feel offended by my words. Thank you for such a modest Article. I look forward to reading more of them in future.

  • Honestly for some this is just kinky fun. But it’s growing into a lifestyle and while many close minded people can’t accept or understand it the fact is that the couple are in fact leading happier lives. Femdom led relationships are a big adjustment and can involve a range of things. But imagine the excitement and always wondering what’s next. Let’s also not forget they wear some sexy outfits. I would give this a proper and honest go. The whole lot. From chastity to pegging to punishment. Would be fun.

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