2 Responses to “What Does a Loving FLR Look Like in Public?

  • I agree that in most public the fact that my Goddess wife and I are in an FLR mostly goes unnoticed, I think. However, if people watch they will see many of the things described in this blog.

    Some examples include: 1). I always anticipate when she wants to leave and warm the car and her seat up before we pull out of the drive 2). I open the car door for her, 3). I carry the bags for her or push the cart for her if she brings me shopping with her.

    Occasionally, she will correct me in public if I take a misstep at something. Depending on what it is, that might make the nature of our relationship more apparent.

  • What the article describes is more or less the way European men treat their wives in public. (How they behave at home is another issue.) I do not like the word Goddess. Women do not need be goddesses, it’s enough that they are women. The deserve a special treatment simply because of this.

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