3 Responses to “Megan Barry, the Mayor of Nashville, Should Have a Boyfriend On the Side

  • The only questionable issue here is the billing. She or her lover should pay for their love affair. (The same applies for male leaders and managers. Whp paid, for instance, Monica Lewinsky and from what money? Did she do the job? The blow-job doesn’t count.)

  • I thought long and hard about this and your words Te-Erika and it’s made me realise just how right you are. As more and more women are taking the roles of leadership and leaders, both in society and in relationships, the support we as men give should include the supporting of their needs in every and whatever ways they need. As you rightly say the fact that the quite obviously amazing Mayor Megan Barry has a boyfriend/lover doesn’t make her husband weak or pathetic, or her a bad woman, it shows just want a strong and loving and truly supportive man and husband he is who obviously recognises his wife has needs that he can’t fulfill but totally supports his wife in finding the fulfillment she does need. As you rightly say she has no need to apologise to anyone, and I thank you for enlightening me with your words.

  • Thank You! I could not agree more, and fully support my wife’s decisions. If she chooses this option it only helps to solidify her authority and my beta status. A happy and fulfilled Wife should be of the utmost importance.

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