2 Responses to “The #MeToo Movement Is Scaring Men Into Submission

  • Very well written and good points. Women as intentional leaders will be wonderful for society and as a man in an FLR I can say both men and women benefit from the woman leading.

    In the beginning of our FLR and even periodically still today, I sometimes defer too much or submit too much to my wife. Fortunately, my wife will correct me if she feels I am being too afraid or too tentative in deciding what I need to do or not do. For example, I still attempt to hold the door, open the car door for her first at all times but she will simply tell me directly, “Just get in, you don’t need to open my side”. Or if she assigns/delegates 3 tasks, and I ask “Which chore/task would you like me to do first?” She may say in an irritated tone, “Just get them all done before I get home, I really don’t care in what order”. This tells me that I am deferring too much and I need to strike a balance.

    Providing a compliment to a lady about her beauty or how impressed you are by her leadership if done politely and gentlemanly hopefully will not be viewed as harassment despite the Me Too movement. Would be interested to hear some ladies opinions on this subject.

  • I don’t interact with women in public anymore. I’ve stopped doing so ages ago when women would assumey politeness (simply saying hello or smiling) was the start of a “pick up.” It takes me a lot to be interested in a woman, sever all interactions if not months of friendship. I’m simply not comfortable with the general assumptions made by them. I’ll interact with women who make several efforts to engage with me and I don’t make any comments that would be regarded as flirting. I’ve been like this for a long time.

    When I was young, I was put into several awkward situations by a friend’s older female cousin. I was visited by social workers to talk about sexual appropiatness. Metoo is very difficult for me because I find it very accusatory towards men in general, as if we are all wrong and need fixing, and I see it very lenient on women who may have been predators towards boys or girls. It’s actually been very problematic for me as I find I am retreating more and more these days because I simply don’t feel there is support and encouragement for men and that we are held to differwant, stricter standards. I have experienced most of what the metoo movement is about at the hands of females yet I’m not offered the same voice or opportunity to make amends with my past.

    I’m not complaining, in not audacious enough to say it’s not right for one people to have voices while others don’t, I’m just saying it’s a shame not everyone is offered the privelege of speaking out regarding wrongs that have been done to them
    Moving forward, I hope we can fix this as a society

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