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  • Ashley, Thank you for sharing your story, your relationship, and beliefs in female supremacy. My wife/Goddess is quite similar in her leadership over me. I agree with your beliefs and like me your husband is blessed to have a strong confident lady like you to obey and please.

    I also follow my wife’s lead and obey her at all times.

  • Steve, You are a wise man. A happy Wife is a happy life.

    • Thank you Ashley. Yes, I love to please her, make her smile, and make her life as easy as possible each and every day. She leads our household and I support her attentively with whatever she asks.

  • Wow Ashley. I am a submissive man, and wish my wife would assume more authority over the various “areas” of our relationship. You sound very powerful. OMG!

  • Ashley,
    All I can say is “wow.” Believe it or not, for me it was having female bosses that first showed me the way to appreciate their leadership, and later to understand that I wanted that same strong feminine authority in my personal life as well. But I wasn’t really ready to give up my sense of equality and submit to punishment as well. After reading about your relationship, I now understand that you cannot be in charge and allow disobedience, so your authority has to include the option of discipline too, just as it is there in the workplace. Thank you for helping me understand my role in the FLR I seek.

    • I wrote an online poll some time ago where one of the questions was, “do you prefer a male supervisor, or Female supervisor?” I think it was near 90% preferred a Female supervisor. Women manage, on average with a lot less “ego” issues, and are more inclusive and collaborative in their decision-making (my Female boss is not intimidated by bottoms-up management where people doing the work are actually listened to and at times have effect on the final decision).

  • Dear Ashley,
    Thank you for this candid and concise story about your FLR. As a submissive and actively cross-dressing man, I fully agree with your assessment that women are much better at leading a marriage type relationship. My Wife and I have just started exploring and practicing the dynamics of a loving FLR/WLM, finally at age 70+. It took my wife a long time to become open to such exploration. She is now “officially’ my Wife-Mistress and I am her obedient Husband-Housewife. For me it meant giving up control and putting my (mostly destructive) male EGO aside. It has brought much needed peace to our marriage, and a rekindling of our love for each other. Old fashioned gallantry has returned as well to our marriage, and I never fail to show her respect through a curtsy when serving her, opening the car door for her in public, etc. My reward is not only a much happier marriage, but also her permission for me to dress as a woman every night, obey her, and serve to all her wishes. She basks in our happy marriage, the love, respect, attention and adoration she receives from me, and enjoys her full decision power. While she listens always to what I have to contribute, she makes the final decisions. Finally, we are HAPPY!!

  • I was hoping this spew would NEVER been considered part of F.L.R
    who on the site is slacking and can’t find more intellectual women to write articles? Female Supremacy tends to overlook the very basic fact women give birth to men. So
    If men are
    “inferior in abilities and role” than it the women who produced them.
    I’m from a matriarch culture a warrior tribe that many legendary wairrors came from.

    ” We enjoy dominating them, and they enjoy being dominated.” Is the type of kink/fetish b.s you can find on any wank site.

    • W.S. I prefer to think that when God created us She wired men and Women differently. Our modern cultures (multiple nations) happen to play to our strengths, and the ways we are wired. We can’t help it if we rise to the top of relationships because we are out-achieving men in education, because we are better communicators, because both sides of our brain address the same issues at the same time in communication with the other side, because we see bigger pictures more practically and therefore make better decisions and are better problem-solvers, or because our management styles are serving the professional world better. I personally advocate for men to do the best they can, compete as well as they can, and rise as close to the top as they can. But in marriage even a huge majority of men admit Women are better at leading the relationship. Domination the way you are addressing it isn’t the issue. Effective Leadership is.

  • This smells fishy Te-Erika. You sure it’s not a guy that sent you this?

  • This sounds very much like a submissive male fantasy. Sorry. 🙂

    • You are right on with that. It’s ridiculous fantasy posed as reality. If she truly believes what she says then she’s very ignorant.

  • I find it difficult to follow/respect my supervisors Boss, she constantly compares us to high end companies, but without the resources and financial support, we are always failing her goals. The company has a high turnover rate of men, and much lower turnover rate of women in higher more dominant positions. I’ve worked there for over 12 years, and do so ’cause I’m comfortable, not satisfied. I try not to complain, but when they ask the impossible, I do say no, and explain why, but I feel they see me just being bitchy.. I hate failing them and the whole lower workforce feels very unappreciated, I’m not surprised about the higher turnover rate. But that does not make it better.

    • I’m sure there are many exceptions to the view that Women make better supervisors. You say it’s your supervisor’s boss. How do you view your supervisor? How does she handle her boss? I have an executive position that is not supervisory, but I think highly of my supervisor, as do my male co-workers.

  • It would be great if you also wrote more about your life growing up.

  • Your husband is a very lucky man to have a wife like you. I would love to find a dominant lady like you.

  • You were given disciplinary authority over your father when still in your teens? I find that unusual, given his advantage in life experience relative to that of a teenage girl.

  • Ashlley, thank you so much for sharing your story. To me, it’s a beautiful thing for a man to surrender to a woman’s leadership an accept her authority. Relationships work so much better when women lead. I’d love to find a confident, superior wife like you.

  • I am interested in your response to huberthowhow. I can see that it would take a strong woman to dominate her father but it can be done I expect. Could you tell us more please ma’am?

  • But your wrong in the bible the natral/holy order is god in crist christ over man, man over woman and woman over children. Breaking that order is wrong may be pleasurable but is not the path of good.

    • Dear Donald,

      The Bible:
      “Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ.”
      (Ephesians 5:21)

      Pope JOHN PAUL II:
      ” But the challenge presented by the “ethos” of the Redemption is clear and definitive. All the reasons in favour of the “subjection” of woman to man in marriage must be understood in the sense of a “mutual subjection” of both “out of reverence for Christ”. ”

      Or also Bible – 1 Corinthians 7:
      – Wife has authority over her husband’s body.
      Saint Paul gave the wife authority over her husband’s body, counterbalancing the husband’s first-century legal power over his wife’s body. Paul’s declaration removed a husband’s most basic “right” to control his wife, replacing the patriarchal norm with Biblical mutuality. In stark contrast to the legal positions and social expectations of the first century. Paul gave to the wife power over her husband’s body in 1 Corinthians 7.

  • We still await an answer to Huberthowhow. It’s hugely important that we consider matters he and others raise. Age should be no determinant in deciding who is in charge. Like others I accept that the females in my family are in charge. If you came here, you would see that it is beyond discussion . but I still don’t know the dynamics of other famillies like yours and I should Love to know.

  • I just stumbled onto this website. After reading the article and some of the comments below I think I understand “FLR” to stand for female led relationships. Looks to me like a community of fetishists. Something about the way the article was written, as well as the comments, just doesn’t seem right to me. It’s like Ashley and the people who’ve replied were getting off to the thought that some people out there will read what they’ve written and take it seriously. It’s just got that feel to it.

  • She moved out of our office and state some time ago. I have heard recently, and sorry to report, that she is no longer with us. I don’t know any details, just that she is at home in heaven. I am just reporting this because it seems some commenters may be hoping for further explanation from her.

  • I get weak knees reading about women like this. I just want to kneel and be their servant. Women are so superior.. I love them so!

  • Where can I find a lady likr Ashley? I like everything I have read here. I am looking for a relationship where the wife takes the lead and I am only the supportive husband. She would make all the final decissions, control finances, lead our relationship and I would be the work part time stay at home husband, there to support her and treat her as my Queen. I would be glad to take her last name and support her.

  • Ashley, is male chastity a part of your relationship?

  • Dear Ms. Ashley,
    I so very relate to so much that you have written. I myself grew up knowing my Mom was in charge. When I began dating in high school, I did so poorly. ..cause I knew myself to be inferior to women and knew also that I felt right, felt happier looking up to women , serving and obeying them.This all went against the mainstream of the way men should be and back then in the 1960’s it wasn’t so easily accepted. Still, in the early 70’s I met and dated and lived with a woman that was really in charge in every way. Since then, I could never have a relationship that wasn’t beneath female led authority. I hope I can again find a Loving take charge woman to belong to. Until then, I hold a real respect for all women.

  • Dear Goddess Ashley,
    You are very inspiring! Thank you so much for writing your very important article! It is so wonderful that when you reached age 14 that you became “the Woman of the house,” when Mom was gone, and your brother and Dad had to obey you and that your Dad and brother continue to be submissive to you and that your husband has to obey you and that you have been known to punish your husband for disobedience! I am very impressed that you continue to love and respect men, and want the best for them! If I was your brother growing up I would have obeyed you! I am giving my best wishes to you and the members of your family!
    Very gratefully,

  • Ashley, I know you have been getting all types of flattery and admiration but please hear me out, Not all Families and relationships are like yours was,In my home MY dad ran the home and it is him we had to obey but also my Mom as well but even my Mom knew there were matters that ONLY my father would give permission on and she would even say you need to talk to your father on. The way you use the word OBEY is well it sounds really bad. I just get turned off with all this talk about correction, dominance, obey and surrendering leadership to a woman. It just sounds so like military boot camp. it does not sound good at all. I hope this helps, Sometimes i think women get off on all this obediance talk, My best regards Lou

  • i access this to relax,not invest.i think my function ended years ago,meaning i was chemically imbalanced enough to pursue a relationship but don’t anticipate this ever occuring again so it’s all vicarious to me.

  • I believe Ashley’s story is a trick. It’s another scheme of arch-feminists to subjugate men. Gays and feminists are trying to destroy masculinity in America. God will not bless a society like that because it’s not the way He set things up. Moreover, if you diminish masculinity far enough, our U.S. military will be severely weakened and enemies like Russia and China will easily defeat us.

    Feminism is supposed to be about equality with the man, not lord over him.

  • I LOVE reading articles where the wife is the leader at home and in business. We men have been in control for a long time and it hasn’t made anything better. My ‘problem’ is, although I love my wife dearly, she does not want to be the leader over me, and I have asked her to several times. I associate female leadership with great female legs and she has terrific legs. I am at the age where we no longer have sex but I dream of having a chastity cock cage controlling me so I wouldn’t even be able to masturbate unless she allows me to. I read many articles about gynarchy and it turns me on but I guess I won’t ever experience my wife being in control.

  • Dear Ashley,
    You sound like a very kind, beautiful, and loving person. I wish you and your lucky husband the greatest of happiness.
    Warm wishes, Frank.

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