Nearly All Men Ask This One Question about FLRs

When I offer surveys, or brief polls or even when people write in to this blog, the questions that they ask seem to mirror each other. The most common themes from women are about developing the confidence to lead a Loving Female Led Relationship. They want to know how to decide what they want, how to ensure that a man is supportive and how to stop being so passive in their relationship. I always send them to the Loving FLR Women’s Leadership Coaching Program.  which addresses all of those concerns.

When men write in to Loving FLR they typically ask variations of the exact same question.

How do I get my wife to become interested in a Loving FLR?

If I had a dollar for every time a man asked me that, I could go on a very nice cruise. Men make up 90% of the readers of Loving FLR. Yes, more men are seeking Powerful Woman for relationships than women who want to lead their relationships, yet, sometimes it’s just a farce. They don’t want a woman’s leadership, they want a woman’s control. This is how I identify submissive men from Gentlemen. A Gentleman follows a woman’s lead, a submissive man tries to force his ideas onto his partner for his benefit.

I had one man write to me to ask how he could get his wife to accept a Loving FLR. I encouraged him that it could be done and advised him that the best way would be to put her in contact with me through the Loving FLR Women’s Leadership Coaching Program.  Instead of heeding my advice, he charged ME with writing to his wife to convince her to participate in the Women’s Coaching Program if I wanted him to pay for it. Several email exchanges later,  with links to my coaching programs and personalized advice for how to approach his wife, he wrote again stating that if I (read-ME) want her in my program I will have to contact her personally or she won’t go for it. When did the desire for HIS wife to learn more about Loving FLR become MY desire?

Of course I rejected his directive and with that final manipulative exchange I decided to close off the email address associated with Loving FLR and direct all personal exchanges to the Coaching Programs so that I can focus on helping people who truly have a heart to see progress in the development of their Loving FLR. I will no longer respond privately to emails or offer advice and support outside of the Coaching Programs. I’m tired.

So here’s the info nearly ALL MEN interested in Loving Female Led Relationships want to know…

How do you get your wife to become interested in a Loving FLR? 

Ask her what she wants you to do to ensure that she is happy and feels loved and then DO IT. Honoring her choices is the basic ingredient for a Loving FLR. She doesn’t need to play a role for you.

But men aren’t so simple, they have other desires that fuel their quest for a Loving FLR and I understand that so–

If a man wants his wife to intentionally embrace the idea of a Loving Female Led Relationship and he needs help mustering the courage to share this desire with her, he has four choices.


If a man wants personal attention and private instruction for introducing the concept of a Loving FLR to his wife, he can always register for the FLR Coaching by Email Program. I will offer my advice personally and privately to help guide you through a FLR introduction and am willing to correspond with your wife if she is open to it.


If a man has a partner that he believes will be hesitant if he were to introduce a Loving FLR and he wants to review ideas for how to broach the subject in a way that is non-threatening, he can register for the course called How to Introduce Your Wife to a FLR Without Scaring Her. In this course I present 5 ways to Introduce a Loving FLR to a woman.


If a man wants to learn how to be a better partner to a woman who is hesitant about Loving FLRs, he can read the chapter on Initiating a Loving FLR in the book How to Love a Powerful Woman which addresses objections for religious grounds among many other hindrances.


If your wife enjoys the company of a Powerful Woman and would like to learn about FLRs from someone other than you because you are making her feel pressured, give her the gift of the Loving FLR Women’s Leadership Coaching Program. I will personally contact her to welcome her to the program and to answer any questions she may have before she begins the program. I will take care to share the benefits of a Loving FLR with her and teach her how to take full advantage of this beautiful opportunity.

Now that this question has been answered publicly, we can lay it to rest. GOOD LUCK GUYS!

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