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  • Beautiful post!

  • Can I support a woman in her perverse decisions? When making money using other people when selling for money? Is it love if I do not admit it and tell what I think, but in silence I accept her bad decisions for good? Is the decision to accept because it is a woman’s decision?

    • These are the really serious questions here.

    • Juliusz, Hopefully, She is dominant, but considers your opinions and suggestions before making decisions. If Her judgement and abilities are not superior to yours, it would be rare. Be patient, and see how Her decisions work out over time. You may be surprised. If you happen to be one of those rare men where both sides of your brain actually work, then humbly seek to offer your humble advice/assistance. At the minimum, be sure you identify those areas where She is strong and gifted above yourself (there will be many), and submit to her completely in those areas. Be patient where you think you are superior, and love and accept her. If she makes poor decisions at time, she will learn. Patiently submit to her loving leadership and let her steer the relationship. Support her and she will continue to grow.

  • Excellent post and very happy you have found a nice FLR relationship. Like the example on your very first date of you ordering both the appetizer and his meal. His full acceptance of this and your confidence with the waiter was wonderful to hear.

    My Goddess usually allows me to order my own meal but would like the idea of her taking charge.

    • So if you were to let her know what you would like she could then order it for you.
      And if she decides that your choice is not a healthy one be prepared to agree with / accept her choice for your meal.
      Enjoy the moment either way.
      Keep a journal and write down moments like this in it for the many reasons a person keeps one. Use a voice recognition writing program to let the words and feelings flow out of you. I think you may both benefit from writing and reviewing a journal.

  • Very good post, and story of your experience. I too have at times ordered for my husband. In fact I have at times forbidden him to speak, but when addressed by the server, look in my direction with a slight nod, forcing the server to then address me, at which time I order for both of us. It’s an exercise in humility for him, that I like at times, and he is OK with.

    • Nice. And a nice touch by forbidding him to talk.
      I was wondering if he should ask you if he may have something else?
      “May I have a coke?”
      “No, but you may have a glass of milk.”
      Assuming he is not lactose intolerant.

  • Nice post, would love to be in that situation with a lady in charge of the relationship.

  • I am happily married to a fine woman but who is not into the FLR scene. I would love it if she was because I think a woman in charge is a great thing. This article about the woman directing things in her relationship is something I admire and would welcome. I hope she and her gentleman are still moving forward.

  • Whoever said the man in a relationship and/or marriage has to be the leader? We see all over the country that marriages are failing when if the woman had the lead perhaps many would still be intact. I believe woman are more intelligent, more patient, and many of them have the ability to lead, so why shouldn’t more marriages turn to that? Could it be the male ego that is in the way? We have local voting here where I live tomorrow and I counted 27 women running for office to only 13 men. Could it be the start of a matriarchal government??

  • Does this happen that much, where the wife orders for the husband and the wife does not allow the husband to speak?

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