One Response to “Our “New Normal” For The Super Bowl

  • Thanks for sharing your “New Normal”. It sounds like your wife is really enjoying her role and you are quite lucky to serve and encourage her to lead and decide what events and activities make her happy. Planning the details, preparing and cooking for her and her friends are great opportunities for you to demonstrate your love and devotion to her.

    For me, my wife also decided how she wanted to spend the Super Bowl. In the past, we had always attended a Super Bowl party. While we were invited again this year, my wife simply said, “We aren’t going this year. We will simply have dinner here and I would rather watch the game with you on that couch (she pointed), while you massage my feet and legs”. I did not question her decision and quickly responded, “Yes, that sounds nice”. I proceeded to teach her more about football and ensured she was comfortable especially during the half time show which she enjoys. We had a wonderful time. Maybe that is our “New Normal” on Super Bowl day!

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