3 Responses to “Reviews From Our Loving FLR Leadership Program

  • Te-Erika: I see under live Saturday classes there is a time for Denmark.That made me wonder to what extent Loving FLR is reaching women and men outside the U.S.?
    The Scandinavian countries are known for their strong women so it might make sense that your Loving FLR web site is a natural for them to explore and use!!
    The reviews were terrific by the way!

    • Hi Vince! I purposely scheduled the classes so that women around the world can participate during the day- AND THEY DO! Loving FLR is very popular in Europe!

  • To both Deb and Anna, Very good to hear you are both confident and ready to explore and build your FLRs with your husbands. Sounds like they need to be ready to be led with your found firmness and confidence. What a nice way to begin 2018 in a relationship with exactly what you want!

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