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TITLE: She Wants
AUTHOR: Te-Erika Patterson
PUBLISHER: CreateSpace
RETAIL PRICE: $25.00 US (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1546982753
PAGES: 204

Promotion Content

SHE WANTS: A Loving Female Led Relationship
Women should be seen and not heard. To hell with this line of thinking. We are moving into a new era,  the reign of a Female Led Society. In order to get there women must be encouraged to embrace their natural roles as leaders first in their homes and then in our society. Te-Erika Patterson teaches women and men how to establish Loving Female Led Relationships; relationships where the couple happily agrees that the woman’s satisfaction and progress are the primary focus in the relationship.

The woman in a Loving Female Led Relationship always makes the final decision in situations that are important to her. The man in a Loving Female Led Relationship happily supports her decisions and honors her choices because he trusts her wisdom and wants to empower her. She is the authority in their home and he loves following her lead.

Interview Topics

Getting  The Respect You Deserve From Men

How to Allow Your Soulmate Into Your Life

Every Woman Should Lead Their Relationships

Why Men Crave a Woman Who Will Lead Them

He Cheated Because You Allowed It

Your Relationship is a Disaster and It’s Your Fault

Women Who Raise Their Standards Find Men Who Meet Them

He Wants to Be The Source of  Your Happiness