• The 2 Basic Types of Female Led Relationships

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    After interviewing dozens of couples in Female Led Relationships and considering the definitions of FLRs from the perspective of both genders, I have determined that there are 2 basic types of Female Led Relationships.

    The two basic types of Female Led Relationships are Female Led Relationships that focus on controlling the man and Female Led Relationships that focus on empowering the woman.

    Female Led Relationships that focus on controlling the man

    Female Led Relationships that focus on controlling the man are the leading fantasy for men who are interested in Female Led Relationships. These men usually call it Femdom or Female Domination. They want a woman who is stern and focused on correcting their mistakes in a harsh way, punishing them and emotionally abusing them. They crave rejection. They want to be controlled. They want to feel fear of the woman they are with. They are usually masochists; people who enjoy pain.

    If you meet a man who openly expresses that he desires a Female Led Relationship and you ask him which kind pay attention to his response. If he uses the words ‘authority’ or ‘control’ it is likely that he desires a FLR that is centered around him and that is NOT what we are advocating for on LovingFLR.Com.

    Why? We do not focus on FLRs that center around men because by pure definition a Female Led Relationships should be about the WOMAN. Men twist the words around so that they can have their masochistic desires catered to.

    You wind up constantly paying attention to him, nagging him and punishing him. Your free time is spent thinking of ways to keep him entertained. ALL of the men I have met who are already in FLRs and report dissatisfaction experience this because they want their wives to do more for them, punish them more, tease them more and deny them sexual pleasures. See? It’s all about them.

    The couples who report complete satisfaction are the ones who focus on the woman’s happiness. Her happiness fuels his happiness instead of her punishments and control fueling his happiness.

    If it’s not about YOU then it is not TRUE.

    What do YOU want?

    You want a Female Led Relationship that focuses on empowering the woman.

    Female Led Relationships that focuses on empowering the woman.

    Female Led Relationships that focus on empowering the woman are truly divine. When a couple agrees to a FLR that operates under this principle, the couple is happier, the children get to grow up witnessing a loving father and mother who treat each other with respect and love and the woman achieves dreams she never could have without his support.

    This is the type of Female Led Relationship you are looking for. You are looking for a man who makes your happiness a priority in his life.

    If you need help, he helps. When you need love, he offers it. He is always thinking of ways to please you. No dream you could desire is out of his reach, or he will at least try to make it happen in some shape or form. This man is delighted to see you achieve even more than he could ever achieve. He won’t complain that you are not ‘dominating’ him enough or meeting his needs. His needs consist of one thing: ensuring that you are well taken care of and happy.

    How can you tell if a man wants a LOVING Female Led Relationship? Simple. If you express a need, he does not hesitate to secure it. He always says YES to you when you want something done. He doesn’t tell you no when you express that something is important to you. He asks you for your opinion on decisions because he wants to be sure that you are satisfied first.

    Welcome to the world of Female Led Relationships! Whichever road you choose just be sure that YOU are happy!



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    Te-Erika Patterson

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3 Responsesso far.

  1. Steven Weers says:

    I have a question about this and maybe I just don’t understand. so here is my question. Can’t the man always say yes as you suggest, but still be disciplined if he messes up without it being about him?
    I ask this because I very rarely say no to a woman I am interested in simply because I want to see her smile, but if I mess up, even though I try not, I feel like I should be punished in whatever why she feels is right. I don’t know if this way of thinking is wrong or not and I am just trying to understand myself and why I may feel this way. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Te-Erika Patterson says:

      “I feel like I should be punished”

      This is the issue. Why are you requesting to be punished? This indicates that you are making this about what you want.

  2. Jeff says:

    Very interesting. Can a relationship be both of these 2 types? I feel my last relationship was like this. I essentially did everything that she told me to do. It made me happy and satisfied my fantasies too. I wanted her to have all the authority where she could just tell me to do the laundry I front of all her friends