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  • I have a question about this and maybe I just don’t understand. so here is my question. Can’t the man always say yes as you suggest, but still be disciplined if he messes up without it being about him?
    I ask this because I very rarely say no to a woman I am interested in simply because I want to see her smile, but if I mess up, even though I try not, I feel like I should be punished in whatever why she feels is right. I don’t know if this way of thinking is wrong or not and I am just trying to understand myself and why I may feel this way. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • “I feel like I should be punished”

      This is the issue. Why are you requesting to be punished? This indicates that you are making this about what you want.

      • My wife and I have independently come to the same realization. If it’s not all about her, then it’s fake.

        It’s really hard for me to hear, because I really want to think in terms of my fantasy fulfillment. You really put words to a lot of our thinking.

        There is no in between here. There can’t be. It’s black and white. We follow our leader. We make her happy. That’s it. If we chose well, she will give us what we need (regardless of what we want).

  • Very interesting. Can a relationship be both of these 2 types? I feel my last relationship was like this. I essentially did everything that she told me to do. It made me happy and satisfied my fantasies too. I wanted her to have all the authority where she could just tell me to do the laundry I front of all her friends

  • I think this article is a little misleading. I believe my relationship with my girlfriend is mainly focused on her happiness. I do not ‘mess up’ on purpose so I can be punished by her. I do make strong efforts to always consider her needs before mine and when she asks something of me, I just treat it as an order. It is to be done. We have a oontract and specific agreements about how things are to be in our relationship. I believe she would say that I worship her in a positive manner.

    That being said, discipline and punishment is certainly an important part of our relationship. This is not to say we have some strong BDSM thing going on. We don’t. But when I fail to do a chore properly or fall out of line with the way she wants something, I am disciplined. More often than not this comes in the form of a stern lecture from her about my behavior and my place in our relationship. But I have done plenty of corner time and now and then, a spanking is issued. I see these as corrective measures that are needed but I won’t lie, I very much am turned on by this side of her. The dominant, strong woman. And yes, there are times when I think she lets me off too lightly. We discuss it during monthly meetings about our agreement. She has never said she felt me opinion meant it was all about me.

    I feel the very nature of FLR’s requires that a man be either turned on or inspired by a strong, dominating woman. I understand what you are saying about it all being about her but as the man in the relationship, I get turned on that she also wants it to be all about her and will do what she needs to do to have things that way, (ie, punishments etc).

    • My sister in law came to stay, she is a bossy woman and has total control over her husband.It was not long before my wife noticed I was looking at her thigh boots and I did what ever my sister in law asked of me, I liked being told what to do by a woman wearing boots and leather my sister in law soon realised the control she had over me. After a few days of being bossed about by her my wife asked if I would like her to treat me the same way my sister in law did, I said yes and will you wear the thigh boots and leather wear, my wife said I definitely will and you will notice some big changes around here, after that the two of them went out.

    • I agree, Tom. This isn’t an either/or thing. A successful FLR is complex dance in which the needs and desires of both partners are, at least to some extent, met.

  • In so many comments I hear men talking about their feelings and fantasies…which is not a bad thing…but I would like to hear about how the FLR has benefited women, what goals they have been able to reach with the support of their man, what empowerment looks like.

    I am all for women feeling power and control in the relationship, and finding their equilibrium there. Perhaps that is the main thing for most women. Is there more?

    Just curious.

  • I’d like to agree with Dale, to begin with. It does seem to be a trap for some men, talking about fantasies. I guess as I am unpartnered at the moment, maybe I have done this myself, putting what I want ahead of others at times… that is a trick for beginners.

    My main impetus for adding to this…that pic with a screaming person, jaw dislocated and the tirade blasting the other with a contortionistic Jetstream. That level of conflict and anger management just freaks my shit out!

    It just seems to me that the fundamentals of a Loving FLR of empowerment, support and respect for each other, is the far more healthy path to a powerful relationship. I choose that path…

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