2 Responses to “Should Transgender Women Lead Loving Female Led Relationships?

  • Transgender is not woman is transgender. Transgender is not woman is transgender. As a man can conceal his corporeity for the desire to surrender, there is a transgender man outside the bodily process. Can not give birth to children, can not be a mother, because she is not a woman. Without external help, she is unable to maintain her feminine qualities. Must take hormones and drugs. Why? Transgender is not woman is transgender.

    • Well, no juliusz contrary to society’s frame to that of a person transitioning gender, the transgender person never actually changes their gender, they are changing their body to align with their gender. Defining any woman by her ability to give birth is incredibly insulting. There are many reasons and there are solutions such as adoption. Most all women do take hormone supplements. It is very common for women to have cosmetic surgery. Also, for transgender women, they can be a biological mother because 50% of their DNA goes to their child. Maybe giving birth was not an option as is the case for some women who have cesarean sections who are still mother’s. We should ask, what is role and why does gender or sex have anything to do with it? The roles are what you can decide and for a child, they only need their two loving parents no matter the configuration!

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