3 Responses to “Do You Understand The Basic Principles Behind Loving FLRs?

  • 12/12 Correct answers!
    Good job!

    You have scored higher than most. You have a firm understanding of what constitutes a Loving FLR. You are a perfect candidate to help spread the word about this mission.

    Pretty easy quiz 🙂

  • Pretty straight forward quiz for anyone who reads your site . Good luck with spreading the word . The world needs more women to take lead rolls in all aspects of society.

  • Taking that quiz brought me to tears, confirming for me that I have arrived exactly where I am meant to be and that I am right on schedule with my life’s creation. Thank you so much. Thie questions and answers touched my heart deeply. What an honor it is to be part of your creation Te-Erika, thank you so very much for the amazing quiz.

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