3 Responses to “I Want to Create My Dream Life in Florida

  • Priorities. Education, or career, both? Curious as to your thoughts on what to pursue and how. Florida? No problem. LOL, You likely had a close encounter of a flatland kind recently.
    You must be a conservative sign. A Capricorn?
    Your perfect match is a Cancer, or, another Capricorn.
    Assuming you move to Florida, enroll in USF, and seek career opportunities, how do you see yourself three years removed, five?
    How does your evolution affect your personal life?

  • I am a firm believer in the absolute truth of female supremacy. Not as some fantasy BDSM or something done on a part-time or partial basis. “Female Supremacy”– it is the way the world works in nature and is very clearly observable. Males may use their physical strength to keep women from their rightful place for the time being, but that WILL change. Women will eventually embrace their innate superior intelligence and superiority to assume their rightful place as our leaders and set the world right. It is inevitable and any true male knows this absurdly simple fact already.
    I believe that Women are naturally more intelligent, as well as much more logical, and obviously more nurturing and Dominant than any man could ever try to be. Most men are faking it or trying to ‘compensate’ if they try to be Dominant. Most men are at heart, cowards who will simply beat their chest and scream loudly to try to be noticed. Women do not need to do this.

  • What an amazing, comprehensive post. You sound dreamy. I hope you find a fantastic man who fits your needs and desires, and whose primary goal is to continue to do so for the duration of your life together.

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