4 Responses to “WATCH: Joanne & Brian’s Amazing Loving FLR Interview

  • ‘Where did you find him?’

    Where did HE find HER?

    That’s the question.
    I so wish I could find a woman to share a FLR.
    This whole thing is new to me and now I know what I need.

    • FLRMatchmakingService.Com There are many women who want a Loving FLR. Let me introduce you to one!

      • ‘There are many women who want a Loving FLR.’

        I so hope so.

        Followed the link.

        Now I’ve discovered this (FLR), I know it’s what I want.

        Trouble is, I’m a British teacher living in the Middle East (I’m in the UK at present for paperwork/visa purposes. soon to return).

        That might seem to present difficulties?
        Any advice?

        • Well, when you join the FLR Matchmaking Service I will go through my list to find someone who is as close as possible to you. If there is no one I will do a specific CALL OUT to the women on my list to see if someone is near you. Since FLRs are not mainstream yet the FLR Matchmaking Service is for people who are willing and able to date long distance. I GUARANTEE at least ONE introduction to a woman/man who is closest to what you desire when you join.

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