4 Responses to “What are the Benefits of a Female Led Relationship?

  • Yes i agree
    The world would be better off totally run by women

  • Agreed
    If all the worlds leaders were women
    We would be less likely to be at war and murder and crime would go down
    Certainly if there was a gynarchy that would realy lower the figures

  • Wishing to meeta woman in the uk or Europe to have an flr

  • Te-Erika, thank you again for posting. It’s always nice to have the benefits of what we seek here, reiterated, especially for those of us not currently in a Loving FLR. Why are we doing this again?

    I am trying to systematically go through some of the posts and write my thoughts, in the hope that some might have a different idea and present theirs… I want to pick all your brains!

    For a few different reasons, now and again, I get discouraged in my search, but I am certain that what I have to offer, may be seen by someone as worthy.

    It’s interesting that arguments and misunderstandings are mentioned first. I have experienced this in the past, where we each wrestle with our evolving selves and our re-aligned visions of the future as new situations and challenges arise. We each have our ideas, yet no procedure for processing all this information. There can only be one driver…

    Recently, a wise woman mentioned to me about our different ideas of a Loving FLR, she mentioned that she saw herself as the Captain, and her potential partner as the helmsman. You can insert your pop culture equivalence…I had a friend into Batman and she compared her partner with Alfred’s relationship with Batman … there are many.

    But as with a ship, there can only be one Captain. They take in all the information of navigators, meteorologists, engineers… even the cook, into consideration. The helmsman requests directions, and carries them out… always with the last chance at noticing the iceberg… but that’s it.

    If there is no Captain… everyone vies for hands on the wheel and the ship either goes in circles, goes nowhere, or collides with something. It’s just more effective and efficient to have someone designated with the final say… taking into consideration the lowest rank…all for the greater good.

    A Loving FLR, to me, just seems the most sensible hierarchy. Efficient and effective … to allow everyone safe passage through all seas.

    I think the rest of the benefits…after arguments and misunderstanding, just flow from there… we have the freedom of the seas, we are secure in knowing that “the team just works” (wasn’t that the Aus Navy recruiting slogan?), we all know what’s expected of us, we can focus on where we need to go and what we need to do once there, we can all focus on our roles, and our tasks are more thoroughly done.

    …and from there the cycle just continues… no arguments, no misunderstandings… and it all gets done… all to better serve our “Captain”.

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