Why is it difficult to find a partner for a Loving FLR?

After being an advocate for Loving Female Led Relationships for 5 years, interviewing dozens of couples and hundreds of singles, I can feel the underlying frustration that singles feel about their chances of finding a partner for a Loving FLR. I try to coach them and simplify the process but for some people, it still doesn’t seem possible.

Let’s have a public discussion about why is it difficult for some people to find a partner for a Loving FLR.

  • Could it be you are looking for a woman to create your fantasy instead of allowing a woman to create hers?
  • Could it be that you want to experience obedience from a man before you have shown yourself to be a loving and trustworthy woman?
  • Could it be that you really want a Femdom relationship and those are difficult to find outside of the kink community?
  • Could it be that you don’t want to be obligated to lead everything but you want your opinions respected and men are not apt to offer this easily?
  • Do you feel that you are too old for a relationship?

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