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  • Te-Erika, I accept your explanation that our purpose as men is the happiness of our wives, and that we don’t own her (she own’s us right?), and if another partner is what fulfills her and makes her happy, we support her choices. We honor her choices and never say “no” to her unless it violates my core values, or makes me feel bad about myself or my life. this is my struggle. Our marriage vows did not limit her in any way, and included my honoring and obeying her. But I thought we would limit ourselves to each other. Can she, or you help me accept her finding pleasure in another man?

    • Hi Steve. I cannot help you to find pleasure in your wife being with another man. Finding pleasure in knowing your wife is with another man is a kink and most people do not enjoy that kink. However, your duty in a Loving FLR is to aid in her happiness. If you choose this type of relationship you are agreeing that you want her to be happy at all costs. This is one of those costs. If you win when she wins, watching her find pleasure and love is evidence of her winning. Try to be supportive of that.

  • They all leave me for a real man. I am honestly happy they find one. I do not see myself as a match maker, but I see myself and them unsatisfied in our relationship. I’m always unsatisfied, and worry I’ll be in this cycle forever

  • I am a plural marriage advocate for both wife and husband, allowing for the family leader to have more than one. Unfortunately it is not yet legal, but it can still be worked out privately. And if mutually agreed then both can have more than one partner.

  • Wait a minute. What? So his wife said she wants another lover, and you are signing off on this nonsense. Why even get married if, in the end, you want another lover? That does not make any sense at all.

  • Greg,
    If she cannot offer you confidence that this man won’t be a better match for her than you then you must not accept it within the relationship. The gift of your submission and devotion must be cherished if it is a loving FLR, and it seems to me that acting responsibly in the face of your devotion should be a fundamental tenet of the relationship. Unless this is a kink that you are in to as well or unless there is mutual confidence that this is just a purely physical pursuit of hers that will not threaten the privilege of your marriage then don’t go for it. From the way you have phrased her interest in this man it sounds like she is looking for a guiltless way to leave your relationship. From my perspective you are being led “lovingly” to a precipice and she may ask you to jump. I can’t imagine that your being asked to take the next step wouldn’t violate a core value or make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t fantasize that you can give selflessly what you can’t give without doing harm to yourself. I hope that it is not too late for your two or that I am just plain wrong.

  • This is crazy this is not a loving relationship

  • This is the question: does Loving FLR have any ethics? The decision-making acts of a woman are ethical, or rather arbitrary. Sometimes Loving does not come into the FLR of ethical order. So when a woman embarks on an eternally ruining decision, then a supportive man should protect her and help her make an ethical decision. Can a loving man look at the ruine of a loving woman? A strong woman is Mary Wagner, who after a woman fights for life, not Mistress of the BDSM, who is rich in ruining men.

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