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  • Thank you for this article describing loving FLR. I had to wade through a lot of junk ( my opinion ) before I found this beautiful website. My desire to be in a female led relationship with my wife is based on my love for her and the fact that I believe she is the smartest most amazing woman in the world . I can fully trust her and I know she will never want humiliate me or disrespect me in any way. What you have described is exactly how I feel. Thank you for being a voice for loving FLR. Keep up the good work!

  • I have to admit, I am a refugee from kink sites. I thought the only place to look for a leader was on those sorts of sites. I battled for years trying to work out my place… but I was IN the wrong place to begin with…no wonder it was a disaster!

    As the previous poster said it’s about love and mutual respect, not about humiliation. We are both (partners) better than that.

    Those claiming to be “dominants”, on those other sites, had to be leaders , right?

    Those claiming “dominance”, on other sites, have to care about their partners, right?

    …Not so much, as I found.

    I am inherently a person that is service oriented. My work in the environment, disability, youth programs and mental health, residential and vocational training, attest to that, if nothing else.

    Service is my life and carries over into relationships.

    I just love to do things for, and to please a partner…it’s just natural.

    Having a “dominant” that doesn’t understand, want or even know about FLR, or even leadership of any kind, has turned out disasterously for me.

    It just leads to, as I have found, Exploitation. My exploitation…

    The respect for a Woman, that forms the basis of a Loving Female Led Relationship, goes both ways and has nothing to do with the “mistreatment” of the man.

    It has nothing to do with kink. Kinks are tricks, and as mentioned on this site, its not about trickery or coersion.

    I am by no means some low “worm” or other negative term that seems to permeate the words used to describe men. That’s not my kink, nor my fantasy fetish.

    I am a thoughtful, caring, maybe even an intelligent man, that wants to be regarded as such… but who also wants a Loving Female Led Relationship.

    One based in my service (for want of a better one word label) and their leadership (for want of another).

    I am worth more than that, and I know the one I hope to serve, is worth more than that.

    You couldn’t MAKE me serve the way I wish to…

    You couldn’t MAKE me wish to follow your lead…

    You couldn’t MAKE me do anything I didn’t wish to…

    It would end our Female Led Relationship to do otherwise…

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