During our online FLR Training Course For Men you will learn:

  • How Powerful women like to be approached
  • What you are doing WRONG when interacting with Powerful Women
  • How to recognize a Powerful Woman
  • How to stop feeling ashamed of being submissive and wanting a FLR
  • How Powerful women feel about a man’s financial status
  • The physical characteristics that are important to Powerful women
  • The most important thing a man can do to earn a Powerful woman’s trust
  • Your responsibilities in a Female Led Relationship
  • When is the right time to tell her about your kinks
  • How to approach a Powerful woman online
  • 5 Ways to introduce your wife or girlfriend to a Female Led Relationship without scaring her
  • How to turn any relationship into a Female Led Relationship
  • (All answers are based on our EXCLUSIVE survey of dominant women)
What does this course consist of?
This course has 5 rousing video presentations presented by Te-Erika Patterson, the Publisher of FemaleLedSociety.Org.
Each lecture is between 11-45 minutes long.
Each lecture has a review quiz.
Each lecture has a discussion section.
Mistress Ivey, the author of How To Set Up A FLR, also shares her insights during the lesson on Mistakes Men Make When Seeking a FLR.

After the lessons are completed you can reach out to Te-Erika by email so that she can check your progress and you can be added to the Conquer Him FLR Social Community.

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