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  • Another fabulous post! The old saying , “it is better to give than receive,” is so true. I find that the more I devote myself to her pleasure, the more pleasure I also experience. The joy of a FLR is that I’m not focusing on me , and when I have that attitude, the tension is gone.
    A twist to “Shopping for her” is willingly shopping with her. I have found that when I shop for her, I tend to get her what I want. She appreciates my attempt, but I seldom make the best choices. I have found that when we go together it works out better. We enjoy our time together, she can get my feedback if she desires, and she gets exactly what she wants. The gift of time is also a way I honor her. Either way is great, just another way of approaching it. Also, I recommend a book titled “She Comes First- the thinking man’s guide to pleasuring a woman,” by Ian Kerner. It’s a wonderful book on the art of cunnilingus. It’s a fantastic resource.

  • How do I get my beloved to accept offers of Cunnilingus (without reciprocation needed) (before or during or as the end to a session of love making or sex) (i love worshipping her orally and give her that pleasure); Pampering (painting her nails or washing her hair or massaging her body or parts of her body like neck or feet or head/scalp or hands, again, without reciprocation required or requested); Shopping (i buy what I think she likes and wants and will look good in – she has a wonderful body but isn’t that body confident – and then tell her to keep what she likes and return the rest, but she doesn’t accept warmly if at all); Cooking (she doesn’t like the way I cook even though I tell her I will cook what she likes the way she likes and I print and give her recipes for me to cook for her and the family, but she doesn’t accept the offers of cooking or the recipes warmly if at all); Listening to Her (maybe I ask or suggest incorrectly or maybe she feels pressured by me – not my intent, but it’s hard to get her to talk about her feelings or what she wants or likes) and I try hard to Exceed Her Expectations (because I love making her smile and delighting her, but I feel sometimes that it’s impossible)

  • Hello Den, I was in the same boat some years ago in my marriage. The issue in the approach is that we keep trying and expecting something from our wife. Instead of pleasing her, we are actually creating additional stress.
    After years, what I have dome is little by little doing things that will release her stress without expecting anything, even a comment.
    I run to get the laundry started and I will tell her to let me do it all, and she can focus in something else. Didn’t work at the beginning, as she felt guilty and wanted to help. But little by little she has given up and now I can do it all, I never pressured her. I make sure I get up early and start the coffee and breakfast. Now she learned to expect that. I can’t cook as she does, and by the way she loves cooking, so I help if she is stock at work and will be late, but most of the time she prefers to cook dinner.
    But even if it takes time, just try and don’t ask for recognition or anything, you will learn what she wants, and then focus on it. It is all about her after all.
    I read this article, and not all apply to our relationship. For example, she rather gets her clothe, something else she enjoy doing. But I do give her all kind of massages. The feet masages took some time to get to the point we are now. She was shy, and I did move slow to not pressure her. Now, after some years, we come from work at the end of the day, and we will go to the sofa, she will just put her feet on my lap, and doesn’t say anything. I just start the massage and we talk. She now can do that even in front of my boys, and even my parents 🙂
    So, learn what she likes, ad do it, never ask for anything, as then it would be for you and not for her.
    One thing I haven’t been able to get, is for her to tell me “Good boy” or something like that after I do something for her. I still have hopes as I have seen changes, but for now, I just keep pampering her.

  • I’m wanting to explore a FLR. Where do I meet men interested??

  • Hi Debra or Goddess!

    We should connect as I am looking to be supportive of you 🙂

  • i already do these things and more for my goddess wife

  • Is the oral sex because the man is in a chastity device?

  • This is truly beautiful. I’m glad that this site is not focusing on sex/fetish aspect of flr. There are too many of those, which are frankly more fantasy than reality. But I like this site very much. It’s practical and from a woman’s perspective.

  • These are beautiful, practical, wise suggestions. It took me many years to figure these things out on my own. I wish so very much that there had been a source like this, and women leaders like Te-Erika willing to share their guidance, when I was a young man. I hope my sons are fortunate enough to grow into a world with strong female leadership for all.

  • I wish I’d understood all of this some years ago when I was in a very loving relationship with a strong-willed, South African lady. We broke up after only four months and I realise now that I didn’t do the right things to please her. She’d had asked me to perform cunnilingus on her one time and I’d refused., thinking it was a bit too dirty. I only wish perhaps if I’d willingly agreed to it, maybe our relationship might have lasted a little longer.. She had a supportive but controlling nature which I wasn’t sure I should completely submit too. This created friction in our relationship. She would punish me by refusing to talk to me when I got things wrong, to make me aware that I’d made a mistake. I realise now after reading information on this site, that I should have surendered completely to her will. I still feel bad about my conduct in that relationship and hope not to repeat these mistakes in the future. I should have said “yes” more and “no” less often. Now I really long for another FLR with the right woman and hope to get it right this time. Am wrong to want this ? Please advise.

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