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  • Kim, What an encouraging story. While reading, I was amazed about how similar our journey has been. My wife and I were also high school sweethearts married 38 years ago at the ripe age of 18. We have had a great marriage , but we were stuck in our cultures obsession with patriarchy. Her job was to serve me. About two years ago, I had an amazing change of heart ( a story in itself) in which I realized that my perspective on women had been so wrong. As a result I began to see things from a feminist perspective. I realized that not only should women be recognized as equals, but our world would be a much better place if women were in charge rather than us old white men.
    Since I can’t immediately change the world, I began to change in my relationship with my wife. I discussed FLR with my wife who was open yet reluctant. To put my beliefs in action, I simply began serving her in any way I could. To my surprise I found the more I submitted to her, and put her needs and wishes first, the more joy I experienced. It has become addictive. I can’t wait to make dinner while she relaxes on the couch with a glass of wine at the end of a full day. When she is at home, I want her to only do the things she enjoys and let me serve her. She has assumed responsibility of our finances and has the final word in decisions that affect our union.
    What I have found is that she is a much kinder and better leader than I ever was. She should have been leading us for the past 38 years. She appreciates me and treats me with total respect. Our marriage is better and stronger than it has ever been.
    Some times I wonder if something is wrong with me because the things that brings me the most joy is opposite of most men in our society. I don’t want power. I want to follow and support the female in my life. I also pray that our society as a whole will see the rise of woman and the decline of old white men. Hopefully we will soon have a woman in the White House. It won’t be the answer to all the problems, but at least the most powerful man in the world will be a WOMAN.
    Thank you for your article. It’s encouraging to know that there are others enjoying FLR that isn’t about kink and domination, but about a loving relationship that elevates women to their rightful place of leadership.

  • I will not go into telling my personal issues and HUGE disagreements that I have with FLR’s. I just have one good question. If she is going to be the boss, or the head, then what consequences are thee for his misbehavior? If she is the head, and he is to obey her, then what happens when he disobeys? There has to be some kind of punishment.It is with parents over kids, the government over the people, and the head spouse over the one who is to obeys. And you cannot use the same tired answers of, you just only talk about it. Or even being disappointed in himself or he feels bad because he knows he disappointed you. They don’t work. So what consequences are there?

  • This is a great story because I think it shows that FLR is not the core of the relationship, it is the mechanism that makes an already intimate bond, a more respectful and meaningful one. My Wife and I were together for 10 years before we agreed to have a female led relationship. Unlike the story above, our situation was somewhat reversed. I had never known of FLR or been able to pick up on the signs. As I look back, it was easy, I just didn’t know to look.

    My Wife has always been domineering, it was one of the things that attracted me to her. She is tough and independent. She doesn’t “need” me, She wants me. And for 10 years we had a pretty great relationship. However we did argue a lot over stupid things. Every time those moments happened, I could see the disappointment in Her face. I could tell she was angry that I was questioning her authority. She never came out and said it but those little spats would turn into days of being ignored and handed some heavy attitude. It was only when I came to my senses and apologized that she would snap back to her wonderful self.

    In the tenth year of our marriage, we had some small arguments that turned into large ones. It got to the point we separated for a few months. During that time, I researched online about relationships and stumbled on FLR. I read about it for a week before presenting it to my Wife. I was very nervous but story after story revealed couples just like us and how well a female led relationship worked for them. So I presented it to Her in an email with some links.

    A few days past and She wrote back announcing She wanted to try it. We met for dinner and both agreed to give it a shot. Over the next two months, we read, studied and worked on creating an agreement we could both live with. My Wife insisted I be placed in chastity as part of our agreement. I did not see this coming but I was willing to do anything to make things right with Her. So I agreed.

    We went away for a romantic weekend and spent a night in our hotel reading our agreement aloud to each other. My Wife looked at me in a way She hadn’t since we first started dating. Her hearing me tell her that She is in charge and that I agree to follow Her guidance and rules just brought something out in Her. She was teary eyed hearing my dedications to her. We made such amazing love that night. The next morning I woke up to see my Wife standing over me, a chastity device in her hand. “You’ll be wearing this until I say otherwise” She said…

    It’s important to point out that agreeing to an FLR doesn’t mean the two of you are a leather clad BDSM couple. Quite the opposite. Our relationship was essentially the same. I always had chores but now I had a list of them with goals and rewards as well as punishments when they weren’t done. I always showed my wife affection but now it was done with a greater purpose and intent. But the biggest win for us was that my Wife could now become the Woman she was constantly suppressing.

    Many times before our FLR, I could tell my Wife held her tongue because I’m sure She thought it would just lead to a bigger argument. But part of our FLR agreement was that when my Wife spoke, I shut up and listened. You see, “listening” was a huge issue for her and me challenging Her authority when She had something to say was a big problem for her. So, with the FLR agreement in place, my wife could now say what was on Her mind. What I didn’t know was that such a power exchange was a great source of arousal for Her. Who knew?

    The first time I was ‘punished’ was after dinner one night. I was to do the dishes and my Wife had a specific way She wanted them done. I failed miserably. When She checked my work, I could see She was upset I failed to “listen”. She looked at me and said, “sit over there” and pointed to a chair in our living room. I sat down and for the next 20 minutes, my Wife lectured me on doing dishes. She was not mad, she was stern and very clear about what I did wrong and what was expected of me moving forward. She made me repeat things She said, She pointed at me and put Her hands on her hips. She was glowing with power. When She finished, we hugged and kissed. I apologized very sincerely and before I knew it, She was on her knees pleasuring me.

    Afterward, I asked Her how it felt. She said She had never felt so relieved in our entire relationship. She said the fact She could express herself and I just ‘listen’ was so arousing and empowering that Her pussy was literally leaking during Her lecture. For me, Her taking control and just saying what She really felt was also arousing to me.

    And this is Her favorite punishment for me. The lecture. It has grown over time into a more formal thing with Her. I have a specific lecture chair. If I am told to sit there, I know what it coming. Sometimes She will have me sit there for a bit while She does Her makeup and puts on nice clothes. She likes to look a certain way now when she lectures me. Lectures are events in our home. She turns off the TV and all distractions. There is a light by the chair She shines on me. I am usually naked for lectures now. She does this to humiliate me. It works. Lectures can last a half an hour or more sometimes. She enjoys hearing me admit to my failures and my promises to improve for Her. After these lectures, She is typically aroused. I don’t necessarily get to orgasm but we generally engage in some sort of sexual activity once She has finished lecturing me.

    In the last year, my Wife has occasionally lectured me in public. I find this more humiliating than sitting naked in a chair. She knows this, which is part of the reason She is doing it. But the end result is an amazingly loving relationship. I get lectured maybe once a week. Yes, it’s an event and She really lets me have it but I learn about Her and what is bothering Her instead of arguing with her and getting nowhere.

  • Thanks, Gentleman, for sharing about your relationship, and in particular the Lecture. I am realizing I need to let go of my insecurity and assure my wife I am here to listen to whatever she has to say to me.

    I would be curious to hear more about the process you used to negotiate your FLR agreement.

  • I am 66 and the thought of being in a FLR turns my stomach.and my experience with women is one where most women become manipulating monsters and even abusive

  • We had a bad marriage for a long time with a lot of conflict. The biggest problem was that my wife always knew what to do in all situations: in raising the children, in the household, in our communication, etc. I was stubborn, had different ideas and did not want to be dominated. After a separation I came back, but nothing changed until I got prostate cancer. Then I was willing to do anything to improve our relationship. I used to read about FLR, but thought it was unrealistic. But then I spontaneously started cooking, cleaning and helping her with whatever she wanted. When I do things wrong, she can become angry, but instead of making quarrels I apologize and listen to avoid future errors. She was surprised and asked why I did that. I talked about my feelings brought on by the cancer. I overcame my ego and pride that tells me not to let anyone else dominate me. That’s foolish, because all you have to do is do what’s best in life; and if she knows that, why don’t you follow her? In our allotment, other men laughed at me when they saw me acting like a slave, but I didn’t care. I drive her wherever she wants and sometimes I massage her feet. These changes made her so happy that she can give me an arm while I walk. We haven’t had sex since long before and now because of the prostate surgery I can no longer get an erection. If she wanted to, she could look for satisfaction elsewhere, but she doesn’t. I think the best years of my life are coming, thanks to FLR.

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