Why I Crave A Loving FLR

Joe is a new member of the FLR Matchmaking Service. He is 27 years old and dedicated to finding the right partner for a Loving Female Led Relationship. I asked him to describe WHY he wants a Loving FLR and this was his response.

From Joe

To me, female authority is sexy.  I’ve always been a fan of the saying: strong women intimidate boys… and excite men.  I feel that giving in to a strong woman’s power – her superior intellect, her feminine charisma, and her sexual attractiveness – and letting her use it to guide my decisions would, on top of it being thoroughly enjoyable in its own right, allow her to teach me to be a better man even as she works on herself, which is also a profoundly enjoyable process.

There are several reasons why I believe I would benefit from a Loving Female Led Relationship.  For starters, my ideal partner has a more dignified view of men than what is typical.  She doesn’t see a man as a simple enough creature that all he needs to be happy in the relationship is to be allowed to play video games.  Her higher standards encourage a man to seek a greater sense of purpose and meaning in being with her.  For added perspective: when the genders are reversed, and men are the ones setting standards for women, those standards tend to have the opposite effect; women are boxed in, reduced to caricatures, and they don’t feel comfortable displaying the complexities that make them who they are. 

My ideal partner tends to know and support other strong women, never needing to compete with them for a man’s attention.  This benefits me because I never want to feel as though I owe it to my partner not to give other women my attention.  I feel freer when all the beautiful women in the room are in solidarity with each other.  She puts her own needs and desires above all else, and she doesn’t play guessing games; I always know how she feels and what she wants when it comes to my behavior and our relationship.  There is no saying one thing and meaning an entirely different thing. 

Ultimately, I just want to be a stress reliever to women – nothing more and nothing less.  I long for the power imbalance of being more available to a partner than she is to me.  The less space I’m allowed to occupy in her world, the more honored I fell for each little bit I get.  I would rather stand to be rewarded for pleasing her than have to reward her for pleasing me.  I prefer the freedom of serving over the responsibility of being served. 

I just want to be a stress reliever to women – nothing more and nothing less.

– Joe

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One Response to “Why I Crave A Loving FLR

  • Hello Ms. Patterson I am an African American, naturally submissive-to-a-Woman type of man. I have yet to be in any real relationship with a Woman due to my imprisonment since 19 yrs of age, ma’am. I have read a book or two to educate myself about Women sociology/psychology so I can know how to behave myself around Women, know what they want from men and learn his to be a good husband for my future Wife, ma’am. As far as experience, I have talked with Women staff at prisons I’ve been to about topics I’ve read about in order to verify the less eons in the books and to get their opinions. Well, I hope you have success in your book sales and in educating men about what Women need/want. Barbara DeAngelous is a great author too. I do have access to internet despite my imprisonment and would have such great fortune to have someone like you give me guidance and training on share opinions with me about how to be a good husband. May God exalted make your way easy, maintain your modesty, and protect you from perverts ma’am.

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