Why FLRs are for Mature People

A Loving Female Led Relationship is a relationship where the woman’s happiness is the priority in the relationship. She sets her standards and expectations explicitly and he agrees to meet them because it makes him happy to do so. This seems like it should be a normal part of a relationship but it isn’t because our society places men as the center of everything. Our society teaches us that it is expected for the woman to place the man’s happiness at the center of her world. Women follow this prescription just like they do with beauty rituals and social milestones. Men attempt to stand up to the gender role and leadership position assigned to them whether they want to or not. Unfortunately, this leads to general dissatisfaction, dishonesty and broken relationships.

People have different skills and preferences. Some have leadership skills that are natural. Some want to please and serve others. Some people are natural followers while others can not follow directions to save their lives. Everyone should be encouraged to discover and accept who they really are but our prescribed gender roles are enforced upon birth and we spend our lives trying to live up to them.

What kind of person breaks away from their prescribed gender role and steps into their true nature when it comes to relationships? People who discover Loving Female Led Relationships do.

After surveying, interviewing and studying hundreds of singles and couples involved in or attracted to Loving Female Led Relationships I have learned that the average age for a person who is intrigued by this relationship style specifically is 45. Yes, the majority of our audience is over 40 years old. This does not indicate that all people who desire Loving FLRs are over the age of 40, but it does indicate that most people who are aware that they desire a Loving FLR are over the age of 40.

People who are younger than 40 are likely clueless that a Loving FLR is a relationship choice or they do not have the language to communicate that this is what they want. Most young people are not ready to accept who they are since they are busy with the task of gaining acceptance from others and this is why it is rare to find someone under the age of 30 in our midst.

As we mature, we begin to recognize that following the roles presented to us by society did not satisfy us. We learn more about who we are and what makes our heart sing. We stop saying YES to please others and start creating our own path because we believe we deserve to be happy.

Sadly, young women are not taught that their happiness and satisfaction matters. Even more unfortunate, men are not taught that honoring, protecting and loving women is a privilege.

This is why the women and men who join the FLR Matchmaking Service are special. They have come to the point in their lives that they are ready to stop pretending and start being real about who they are and what they want from a relationship.

We are mature. We understand that life is short. We want to experience happiness right now. We won’t settle for less than what we deserve. We are healthy. We are sane. We know what feels good to us. We believe we can have a good relationship that honors who we are.

If you are looking for a relationship with someone who is proud that they want a Loving Female Led Relationship, the FLR Matchmaking Service is right for you. This is the perfect place to meet someone who has stepped outside of the box and moved past the desire to please society, someone just like you.

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  • I came to realize my comfort and pleasure of putting other’s desires first later in life. 70 years old now , ask others unhappy or unfulfilled to consider and experiment earlier than I did.

    Enjoy the day , it is the present ( as in birthday or Christmas present )

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