• Why Are The Strongest Women Single?

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    It seems like a Catch 22. Women who excel in their professional lives, enjoy themselves in their personal lives and seem to be good quality catches often linger at the outskirts of romantic bliss. Sure they may have several men on their rotation vying for their time but none of them are good enough, or so they believe.

    This type of woman will remain single for a very long time until she understands what the issue really is that is standing in her way of loving bliss.

    Why are the strongest women single?

    Strong women remain single because they are waiting to meet someone who equals them in intelligence, achievements and wit. The only problem with waiting for an equal match is- there may not be one.

    I once encountered a woman who was frustrated by her relationship with her boyfriend. He was sweet, caring and loved her yet, he was nowhere near as accomplished as she was and he looked to her for guidance and instruction. She had met many men over the years who fit this personality type but she dismissed them because they were not her equal and she was subconsciously under the impression that a man should be stronger, smarter and more capable than the woman. She was never impressed, therefore she allowed many opportunities for love to drift by.

    A woman should never settle for less than what she feels she deserves, however, redefining what she believes she deserves could change her life.

    Strong, powerful and successful women do not need a man who is smarter and more capable at winning than they are. In fact, such a man likely does not exist. These type of women would be more content with men who are willing to follow their lead. Instead of waiting for a man who is a mirror image of who they are, strong women should understand that it is their destiny to lead the relationship.

    There is nothing wrong with a woman being the stronger, smarter and more capable partner in a relationship. Women who are confident leading in other areas of their lives can find happiness with a partner who appreciates their leadership instead of waiting for someone who can lead them.

    If you are a strong and capable woman who is wondering why you are single, it may be because you don’t understand that you are the one who should lead your relationship and that is perfectly acceptable.

    No man is capable of leading you or matching you in intelligence because you are the epitome of greatness. Accept that you will be the leader you have been waiting for. Reassess the relationships that you have been offered and determine if any of the men would make a good co-captain for your life. You should take the role of captain and allow him to support you. Groom him to be your biggest advocate.

    Accept your position of leadership. Don’t run from it or reject it.

    While many women are looking for a man to lead them, you don’t need a rescuer, they do. If you do desire companionship, choose a companion, someone who makes your days brighter and attends to your emotional and sexual needs. As for the progress and pace of the relationship, you can decide that. You decide when you will see him. You decide when you will sleep with him. You decide when you will move from being casual friends to exclusive. You decide when you will be married. You determine when and how you want your relationship to progress. There are a multitude of men yearning for a woman like you.

    You are the leader. Embrace it.

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