One Response to “How A Woman Decides What She Wants From A Loving Female Led Relationship

  • This is an excellent message for women who want an FLR. Speaking as a man in a long time FLR, the guidance in 2). Openly express your desires, and 3). Accept nothing less than what you expected or expressed are key points to growing in your FLR. Certainly, 1) Deciding what you want from your partner is important too. However, the first, “deciding what you want” can evolve over time and become bigger as the relationship evolves. What is critical is openly expressing your desires and what you want from your boyfriend or husband.

    For me, my wife very early on in our relationship, openly expressed what she wanted and when she wanted it. I rose to the occasion because I cared deeply for her and when I did something to please her she praised me. She also gave me corrective feedback so that the next time, I would improve on how I delivered what she wanted. This gave me something to work for and I continued to improve in meeting her desires and needs.

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