5 Responses to “Should a Woman Propose Marriage to a Man?

  • My wife more then hinted she was ready for me to propose to her many years ago. I felt really happy that she expressed her desire to marry me. I would encourage ladies to tell the man they love of their desire to be married. Most men will feel honored and respect a woman who shares her desires.

    • What kind of leadership would it be if the leader should wait until a potential partner approaches and picks her?

      • Hear, hear. Being a romantic beta male, the whole idea of a woman telling me to propose to her doesn’t quite jibe with my *own* dreams and fantasies…but then when I look at it correctly, I see how making her happy by doing what she wants – aside from just being the right thing to do – would make *me* happy.

        Which in turn gets me thinking: isn’t proposing marriage, at least in the traditional way, a submissive act? I definitely wouldn’t want the woman I consider my Owner getting down on one knee and/or *asking* me to marry her…I think I’d rather she *told* me we that we’re now engaged and are going to get married… 🙂

        Hmm. Something to ponder.

  • Yes, a lady should propose marriage and the man should be willing to take the wife’s last name. She will be the leader in the Loving Flr.

    • Oh, and yes, I’d love to take my wife’s last name if she wanted that. Unless it was something horrible or that didn’t work at all with my first name, in which cases I think she’d see that and propose some other solution (keeping our own last names would work for me as a backup plan…I just would never want her taking my name under any circumstances. Doesn’t seem right to me).

      It’s wonderful that this site’s here. Long may it FLRish! (Heh…see what I did there? FLRish… 😀

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