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  • A Forbes article “Top 10 Traits Women Want In A Husband” revealed the following:

    No. 1: Mutual Attraction and Love
    No. 2: Dependable Character and Faithfulness
    No. 3: Emotional Stability, Maturity and Kindness
    No. 4: Desire for Home and Children
    No. 5: Intelligence and Confidence
    No. 6: Sociability
    No. 7: Pleasing Disposition
    No. 8: Ambition and Industriousness
    No. 9: Good Health
    No. 10: A Good Financial Prospect
    No. 12: Good Looks

    Those are the traits that men are being told that women want. Men are also told that there are 25-30 men seeking a FLR for every one FLR seeking woman. The majority of FLR seeking men will “settle” for a vanilla woman rather than remaining alone.

    To publicly state that we are looking for a woman to take charge and lead us in our relationship will make us look weak, lacking confidence and not having ambition.

    I have a MBA and am the CEO of a medical organization. I lead mostly women and fewer men because the medical support staff are almost all women. I want a woman to take control when I am with her away from my work. That being said, I will not submit to just any woman. I am waiting for a FLR woman who is physically fit and good looking. I want what I want and I am not willing to compromise. I have to be physically and emotionally attracted to a woman.

    I am interested in additional comments.

    • Hello. Instead of saying you want a woman to take charge and lead you, you should be thinking you want to support an amazing woman to achieve her dream life. That is the difference between what I teach and what so many THINK a FLR is all about.

      • Thanks for your advice.

        In my opinion, supporting a woman’s dreams and following her to where she wants us to go are similar.

  • I want to help another woman to live her dream life. I have plenty of time and money to worship a woman but I have needs as well. I have no problem admitting I worship this woman but she has yet to understand both what a FSL relationship is and please me daily for this wonderful life rather than live in her country in abject poverty.

    • I see your obstacle. The woman in question may not want to “please you daily” as you put it. You are not looking for a FLR, you are looking for a femdom relationship where the focus is on your wants and needs. You are on the wrong site.

      • ‘ You are not looking for a FLR, you are looking for a femdom relationship where the focus is on your wants and needs. ‘


        My concept of a FLR is that ultimately, I don’t have desires. She has the desires and I live to satisfy those. I would need to know that she thought about me and that she was happy.
        As long as we were together (and exclusive!) then I could love her, serve her and that would be all the reward I might receive.

        However, I am sympathetic towards men who need a FLR and do not know how to find one.
        I fear I will appear weak, feminine or even lazy; hoping for her to lead and make decisions.
        It’s two days since I discovered the concept of FLR and I have no idea how to propose the idea to a female. Tough because that’s what I’ve got to do if I will ever find happiness.

        I’m a teacher and I live abroad, but I’m going to try.

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