What Do Women Really Want from a Female Led Relationship?

There is a distinct discrepancy between how the internet describes a Female Led Relationship and what women really want from a Female Led Relationship. The internet boasts many sites devoted to FLRs that were created by men, describe a Female Led Relationship as a relationship where the woman focuses her attention on controlling, dominating and punishing the man.

If a man has introduced you to a FLR and asked for this type of relationship, he is manipulating you. He is using you to serve his need to be abused. That is not what Female Leadership is and you know it.

As a woman who teaches Female Led Relationships, who is also not into focusing my life around a man, I know exactly what you want. You want a Loving Female Led Relationship, a relationship that empowers women.

You want a man who wants to see you win, without you having to demand that he recognizes your value and supports you.

Men will try to trick you into believing in their version of Female Leadership because once again, they want to brainwash you into serving their needs. They will call it a Female Led Relationship, but if it is about controlling him or punishing him, it’s really just another way of being a servant to him.

You don’t want that.

If you truly want to feel empowered in a relationship, you must choose a man who sees your value. Most men who ask for a FLR will only see your value if you agree to control or punish them. They will only want you for their selfish need to be dominated by a woman. If a man uses the term FLR, he doesn’t want you as a partner, he wants you as his servant. He wants you to give him the abuse or restrictions that many professional women are paid for, but he wants it for free. He wants to use you.

A man who gives you a FLR without asking you for one is your best choice for a partner. This man sees your value. This man tries to understand your vision. This man will never require you to change who you are for him. He will never stress you out just because he craves being punished by you. He will never abuse you emotionally to provoke you to anger so that you give him the lashing that he needs to feel alive.

What do women want from a FLR? Women want to be accepted for who they are, supported in what they want from life and loved by a man who listens to their desires and does not try to convince them that their desires are wrong.

A woman who is empowered to understand that her thoughts and desires are valuable will become a more dominant woman naturally. A loving partner who actively supports her vision will allow her to be more confident, more assertive and more in tune with who she is and what she wants from her life. She will become a force to be admired and in some cases… feared.

When you give her what she wants at home, she will believe she should go out into the world and experience the same treatment. Are you a man who wants an empowered woman, or do you want a female servant to cater to your need to be controlled?

If you want to rise next to a Powerful Women then THIS BOOK will be your guide. If you believe women should be your fantasy dominatrix then THIS BOOK may help you rethink that notion.

If you are seeking a truly powerful woman, give her the gift of loving her without demanding that she become your fantasy. When you demand your fantasy, especially without meeting her fantasies, you are diminishing her worth and manipulating her to serve you.

Change the world by empowering a woman in a Loving Female Led Relationship.

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