• A Loving FLR Is Not About Controlling The Man

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    The term Female Led Relationship has many definitions and most are closely related to BDSM and kink. Today I want to help you to transition from those definitions because there is another beautiful option; you can have a Female Led Relationship without kink. You can have a LOVING Female Led Relationship that centers around a smart and capable man being a powerful helpmate to a strong and wise woman.

    In a LOVING Female Led Relationship the woman does not have to exert control over the man she is with. She doesn’t need to use force or consistently punish him at all because he is willingly offering her his devotion and service because it makes him happy to treat her that way.

    Just like there are multiple hues of the color blue, there are variations of FLR’s. There is nothing wrong with any of the variations as long as the couple feel satisfied by their choice.

    The FLR you have chosen to focus on is a LOVING FLR that is based on mutual respect between the two people involved. When a couple has mutual respect for each other and their relationship is not based on kink, she is not expected to offer harsh punishments and keep him in line through fear. She doesn’t need to choose which colors he wears or keep him in chastity, unless it’s fun for her to do so.

    He behaves like a gentleman because that is who he is at his core. If you have a partner who needs you to force him to do things, he is not looking for a LOVING FLR, he is looking for a kink-based FLR where his needs are a priority.

    In a LOVING FLR the man has one desire- to please the woman.

    In a LOVING FLR the woman has one duty- to express what she wants from him and accept nothing less.


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    Te-Erika Patterson

    Happily advocating for Female Led Relationships and a Female Led Society.
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2 Responsesso far.

  1. vince says:

    Well said. Your entire web site is spot on. FLR is about what a women wants and a man who is by her side supporting her. FLR is more than a role reversal it is a new female centered relationship with the man catering to her needs what ever they may be.

  2. Randall says:

    Yes! This article is what I try to convey to potential partners. Most people do a google search of the flr concept and are bombarded with bdsm and related porn so that’s what they think I’m into. No…. not in the least!

    Perhaps I should copy this URL and give it to my date or person I’m chatting with so they see the positive side to flr.