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  • Well said. Your entire web site is spot on. FLR is about what a women wants and a man who is by her side supporting her. FLR is more than a role reversal it is a new female centered relationship with the man catering to her needs what ever they may be.

  • Yes! This article is what I try to convey to potential partners. Most people do a google search of the flr concept and are bombarded with bdsm and related porn so that’s what they think I’m into. No…. not in the least!

    Perhaps I should copy this URL and give it to my date or person I’m chatting with so they see the positive side to flr.

    • I’m with you, and whenever I mention FLR then they tell me about their kinks, lol. But I am not really into those either. Wanna date? lol.

  • Ha Ha Vince… spot on indeed!

    ‘A powerful helpmate to a strong and wise woman’. What a great phrase…!

    So many words have so many meanings. But here, the intention of the control…force… coercion … punishment…I think is key.

    These are important words in differentiating the type of “leadership”.

    Devotion and service are important words to me, as I have said elsewhere… force, coercion and punishment wouldn’t result in the level of service and devotion I wish to offer.

  • This hits right at the core of what I personally believe is submission to a dominant woman. The key is her. Thus, for me is also the key to dominance: her. As I submit to my dominant partner her confidence, empowerment and liberation grow, as that happens what she wanted months ago is probably still the same, the difference is she is now comfortable saying or doing whatever that is. So take finances. Six months ago me having a debit card and and some cash was as far as she went. Well she is much more confident now, more empowered and more liberated.. so consequentially she is exerting more of her will. She took the debit card. She didn’t say why except that she saw no reason why I needed one. Well, that act alone made my feelings of vulnerability stronger but it also makes want to please her more and I also feel more submissive. Point is, FLR is a fluid dynamic and as long as both have been honest about their position in the relationship, as her confidence grows and her dominance is expressed ever more, my submission too is expressed and deepened more. At least that’s how it’s been for us. For me, it’s extremely exciting and at the same time I get a little anxious and more vulnerable.. because as her submissive I have no say in the direction of this or the intensity. This is 100% about her, what pleases her, makes her happy, empowers her and liberares her further and what is fun and amuses her. That’s what this is all about. Her. Period. Anything else is just fetish and kink and topping from the bottom.

  • Totally agree with all of this. I am a man that wants structure in an FLR Relationship so that she is happy and pleased. The worst thing in any relationship is not knowing expectations. I’m hoping a FLR will provide the focus and structure to provide for her.

  • In a past relationship, I sought the advice and decisions from the woman I was with. Often, I found myself asking a question like: What may I do for you? Or.perhaps I’d see she was tired and on my own, I’d do whatever I could to allow her much time for relaxing and too…give a comforting back or foot massage. Then make and serve Her a delicious meal. Etc.
    Always. ,adoring her desires was paramount to my daily life. She also cared about me, in ways that were in line with what pleased her to do.

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