Is Cuckholding a Natural Part of a FLR?

I am from India, the society is still patriarchal over here and I belong to such a household. But I prefer to be in a loving relationship in FLR. I tried but failed many times. However I have one question everywhere I read in FLR or a bdsm Female dominant relation, cuckolding becomes a heavy concept. But I want to be in love and even in a patriarchal society a man cannot have more than one relationship it is considered infidelity. Is it possible to find love in a FLR relation with a like minded woman who would believe that its a relationship and cuckolding or seeing other men is not an option? Its just another relation with her being superior and me always there to fulfill her needs.

~ SP

The reason you believe that cuckholding (the act of a woman sleeping a man other than her husband) is prevelant in Female Led Relationships is because you have been exposing yourself to internet sites and videos created by men who are trying to define a Female Led Relationship by their fantasies. There are men who enjoy the humiliation of being a cuckhold and these men try to depict being a cuckhold as a natural part of a FLR and it is not. Since more men desire Female Led Relationships than women desire to be in them, men are leading the conversation about what a FLR is and they are turning women off with their definitions and depictions because women do not share the same fantasies about relationships as these men do. These men want to be controlled, punished and fearful of women. Powerful women do not respect men who have these desires.

Being a cuckhold is a sadomasochist man’s fantasy. It satisfies his desire to experience emotional pain and humiliation. You will not need to worry about this expectation in your relationship. You can tell her early on that you do not want infidelity to be a part of your relationship. Your feelings matter. If she respects your feelings she will not hurt them. A woman in a Loving FLR will never do anything to hurt you, intentionally. If she does, it is NOT a Loving FLR. A woman involved in femdom wants to hurt you intentionally and she will do what she can do to deliver the pain that you have agreed to experience. If you want a Loving relationship, then be sure to express that emotional and physical pain are not a desire of yours.

And stop supporting those sites created by men that focus on sex games, porn and emotional pain. None of those things define a Loving FLR. A Loving Female Led Relationship is a relationship where the happiness of the woman is the priority and the man willingly supports her vision for the relationship without challenging her.


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8 Responses to “Is Cuckholding a Natural Part of a FLR?

  • I agree with your assessment. At the same time, if both partners in a relationship agree to cuckolding then what’s the harm? It does not have to have negative connotation for the relationship if both husband and wife or boyfriend/girlfriend enjoy it.

  • Dear Simon 😉
    I think that Erika already explained that cuckholding is not a NATURAL part of FLR.
    Cuckholding is only a sadomasochist man’s fantasy. And if a Woman love cuckholding, this is not a LOVING FLR: there is not respect to love, this is only a sexual desire external of Loving FLR. Is She love Her man She want all benefit, all pleasure, all workshipping all devotion from the man that She love.

  • How does this reconcile with the response on “My Wife Wants Another Lover” written on September 22, 2017? In that article you mentioned the man should “Honor her choice”. These 2 responses seem to contradict themselves. This response says to have a monogamous relationship while that article said it was OK for her to take in other lovers. As someone who is in the seeking of information this makes me question FLRs.

  • Michael cites the correct advice from an earlier article: Honor her choice. When a wife decides that she wants other sexual partners, cuckolding automatically becomes a “natural” part of the marriage. The husband should encourage her to pursue her happiness and realize that any feelings of jealousy are unacceptable – indeed, “unnatural” in an FLR. She has decided, end of story. We, as husbands, must honor that decision.

  • I actually support this version (non cuckolding), but before even contemplating a FLR in the future this contradiction needs to be taken care of. How can you have it both ways? How you have the commitment that this article states but in the same rules have the view in the other article? As a hard and fast rules person I have great “heartburn” over this.

  • For cuckold to work both parties must agree

  • if i was in a FLR and my wife wanted other men she would be all alone.I would leave her. Would she honor me if i wanted other women-no she would not and if my wife did that i would make sure i went out and fucked another woman. i am a firm believe do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Today’s women want a unfair playing field

  • Nothing wrong with a FLR, we are just about that without it being formalized.
    Cuckolding is for repressed bisexual men.
    And like other it seems you like to play both ends against the middle with respect her choice to have other lovers.
    Not sure how serious a site this should be treated as.

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