How Do I Get My Wife to Take Control in a FLR?

Dear Te-Erika,

I am 56 and an estimator. I want to serve my wife and be treated as a sex toy, she will on occasion but I want it full time. How can I get her to take control and lead a FLR?

— N

Hello. This is the most common question I receive as a FLR Coach. Men want to know how to get their wives to be more dominant, to be more aggressive, to act out their sexual fantasies more often and to restrict an punish them more.

These men aren’t satisfied with the way their wives are loving them – they need more and they won’t be happy until they get it.

These men are called submissive men and they have a yearning to be controlled, dominated and punished by aggressive women. Their wives aren’t doing the job properly so they come to me hoping I can help.

I can.

You have two options:

Register your wife for the FLR Leadership Coaching Program and I will teach her how to take full advantage of establishing a FLR with you and she will never be the same.

Read the book – The Enlightened Submissive and learn how to be a better husband and become satisfied in your relationship.

If you don’t want to do either of those options I can share a simple truth with you…

You wrote 3 sentences and two of them have the phrase – I want…

A Female Led Relationship should be about what the WOMAN wants. Ask her what she wants to happen in the relationship. Ask her how often she wants to offer your sexual favors. Ask her what makes her happy and then do those things. Anything else is your fantasy and guess what? If it’s YOUR fantasy then it is not female led. If it’s not female led, you want femdom.

If you want femdom (or aggressive correction,) you can get it right here. Otherwise, find someone else to abuse you.

Your wife has promised to love you and stand with you in life. If she is entertaining your selfish desires, even a little bit, you should be grateful. If she doesn’t think you should have them “full-time” maybe you should trust her leadership and understand that it may not be good for you. If you don’t trust her leadership then you definitely don’t want a female LED Relationship. You want a dominatrix who acts on demand. Go find one.

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4 Responses to “How Do I Get My Wife to Take Control in a FLR?

  • Hi. My brain has stumbled over the phrasing; Ask her how often she wants to offer your sexual favors.
    I am not clear as to your meaning. Could this need/use a rewrite?
    Should it be; you?
    That makes sense to me as it is a common error.

    • Well, he said that he wants her to use him as a sex toy more often so I replied that he should ask her how often she wants to do it instead of telling her that he wants it more often.

  • I feel that if you are serious about a FLR then you don’t ask about sex. Not if you want her to take you seriously. You tell her your reasons why you want this to happen and then you show her how serious you are. You can start with domestic chores but don’t do them better than she ever did. That would send the message that she has never been a good housewife. Leave mistakes in your cleaning so she can correct you and then thank her for her corrections. Always watch your attitude with her. Don’t roll your eyes. Don’t give a deep sigh to any thing she has to say. Go forward at her pace. It may be a case of one step forward and two steps back. Be patient As Te-Erika teaches.

  • I had FLR for the final ten years of marriage. She passed away from Kidney be Failure. My new wife said she couldn’t do that.
    I kept a journal of the time. My wife found the journal. She read it. We had a long discussion about it.
    She is now an active participant.
    Talk things out.

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