3 Responses to “How Could A Man Be Beneficial To My Life?

  • We all get down from time to time. Having and maintaining goals is what keeps up moving forward. The joy is in the journey! Remember that we all enjoy reading your posts here and that brings some joy to the world although you may not be aware of it at the time.
    Keep up the good work! Together we will change social standards and make happier people… Dave

    P.S. I cannot seem to upload a picture to complete my membership. It always tells me the pic is either too small or too big.

  • You have written what many women feel at some point in their life. I can relate to the frustration of not having that beneficial man in my life. While we are indeed strong, capable and independent women, we are still human and could use some support. Comfort.
    Dating is challenging in the online world and I believe it’s okay to take a break from it. Hold on to the belief that the one man for you is on his way! Until he arrives, keep moving and growing…and keep that stuffed animal!

  • Te-Erika, You are an amazing woman and there are definitely men out there that can be beneficial to you. I agree with Sandee that he is there. For myself, many of the things you mention you would like, a To Do list where your man just manages many things, happens in our FLR. I anticipate probably 75% of what my Goddess needs before she has to ask. Some examples include offering to massage her feet when I can tell she is getting stressed. Another is always ensuring her purse has cash (I take care of all ATM withdrawals). The list goes on but my point is my Goddess wife feels the same as you highlight and those benefits she gets from me daily.

    Keep your goals and your hopes. Thanks

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