5 Responses to “He’s a Gentleman, Not a Submissive Man

  • Beautifully written distinction. Clarity so well executed we should print and wallpaper it to inspire men and women everywhere. Bring it!

  • Beautifully Written and Beautifully Felt. Thank You for this essay.

  • Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much. What a gift you are. I am definitely printing this list of a gentleman and posting it on my frigidaire tonight!
    You Rock

  • Yes, a gentleman is what I want, not a kinky, submissive who wants to be told what he wants according to his needs.

  • I have often wrestled with the term “submissive”. Yes I submitted in various aspects of a relationship. I didn’t see myself as a submissive.

    I am so glad that you included the term deference. To me that was a more applicable term. Submissive infers to some extent, weakness…in mind, spirit or body… or all three at once!

    In my mind, to defer to someone infers a level of strength in mind, body and spirit … a choice.

    I am so glad that you summed up this deference in,… ‘ A Gentleman in a Loving FLR has his own values, opinions and preferences. The woman he loves values that he has his own mind and contributes wisdom to the relationship.’

    …and concluded with…’ A Gentleman defers to the woman he loves because he wants to.’

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