One Response to “Can You Force A Man to Be in a Loving FLR?

  • forced: obtained by coercion
    coercion: persuading someone to do something by using force

    cyclical definitions mean, we dont know what it really means to force someone, manipulate, sure, force them, intimidate, sure, force them.. but this is what I believe:

    Putting a gun to my head wont force me to fly..

    If I am unable to be in a loving relationship, flr or otherwise, that’s my problem. If that problem is something I need to work through, is it not a manipulation of my very identity to alter that point of view? whether it’s for good or not? is force necessarily a negative? it’s like conditioning a puppy not to pee on the floor, yes, your using carrot n rod type basic manipulations, but for a greater kindness.. for both of you.

    I’m not saying forced flr is never bdsm femdom, I’m saying it doesnt have to be. Does it?

    Being in a relationship with someone you love, and knowing the relationship is missing a proper connection, that he just doesn’t hear your side. shouldn’t you demand attention? forcing the issue, face the conflict, but know, you are doing this yes, initially as a selfish act of ?? but is it selfish if it makes the relationship better?

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