14 Responses to “Why A Man Needs A Woman’s Correction

  • Very well said! The wise council of a loving woman is more precious than silver or gold!

  • Wow! I honestly agree with every word! Such great advice!

  • It is a lucky man who has a woman who corrects with love and wisdom

  • I truly believe in this post. Most men do need to be corrected by a loving woman

  • Thank you Te-Erica.

  • Spot on! In past I either listened poorly or took “corrections” as criticism so never followed through. Now, my eyes and ears are more open and am ready to truly honor and respect the Woman-to-be in my lifeThanks, Tia

  • From now on I will think more carefully when corrected by a woman, instead of immediately getting on my high horse. I cant tell you how important your service is Te-Erika. We men really do need you.

  • Thank you for this great piece of advice- it’s opened my eyes so much! I look forward to really engaging in the process of redefining my role and behaviour that I may become more of the man who should be within my relationship with my strong wife.

  • In a normal but non-FLR relationship, both parters would be free to offer such advice to each other. However in a Loving FLR, because the relationship is unequal, I assume only the wife is allowed to offer such criticism/advice and insist on correction.

    Not because his comments would be inaccurate but because he is being to uppity in assuming he has the right to criticize his wife. Plus since she is female, is it assumed that she is without fault? Or if she is honest and admits to having some faults, does he have the right to reciprocate and demand she correct her faults?

  • Hello Te-Erica

    i have only met one woman in my life who i felt need to give a hand of correction and that was my Mother and outside of that I have never met one who I felt I needed to have from her correction and when a man does this to woman the women usually balk at this as though she needed me to give her correction in any matter. Women of today do not respond well when a man corrects her as woman today are more empowered and usually push back when we Men do it in a relationship

  • Te-Erika

    I have done a lot of reading on this and listening to tapes and it seems the F:LR has many factors going against it such as fetishes, comparison’s to BDSM and the femdom thing which i would never ever do and I even saw where there is the possibility of the wife in this relationship taking on a lover-like in cuckolding which I hope and pray I misunderstood this part and i read where it says dealing with your husbands fetishes of which I have none. I even read where there is discipline of the husband which I certainly pray to the Lord this is not the case as i have been abused by women in my childhood at the hands of a woman and my last marriage there was abuse of my last wife due to her being Bi Polar and was part of her illness. some men just don’t respond well to a woman outside of a mother in disciplining. I never saw my mother do such things with my father. i am just trying to understand this. i read some of it and my heart leans and hungers for a woman who can be loving and leading in such a way that it is healthy of which i am not confident of, Kind Regards, Lou

  • It depressed me to see that men are treated as incompetent childlike beings who need to be disciplined all the time and have their needs placed on the back burner at best. All I’ve seen on this site is that females can do no wrong and males can do no right on their own. Males can not even be trusted with their own finances. This makes me cry. I want a female who accepts me for who I am as an equal with dignity.

  • I see FLRs as a team approach to living a good life with she giving more direction to the male in all matters.We males are More susceptible to pictures and impulse.In our prehistoric beginning it was necessary to survival.But that has lessened in today’s world

    • From my experiences it has been the woman who has been more emotional and impulsive than the man. I see nothing in here relating to her being accountable for fixing her flaws. I do not know of a living human being without flaws. To say only men have flaws is very wrong. I strongly feel even a person in leadership should be held accountable to needing correction too.

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