8 Responses to “Why A Man Needs A Woman’s Correction

  • Very well said! The wise council of a loving woman is more precious than silver or gold!

  • Wow! I honestly agree with every word! Such great advice!

  • It is a lucky man who has a woman who corrects with love and wisdom

  • I truly believe in this post. Most men do need to be corrected by a loving woman

  • Thank you Te-Erica.

  • Spot on! In past I either listened poorly or took “corrections” as criticism so never followed through. Now, my eyes and ears are more open and am ready to truly honor and respect the Woman-to-be in my lifeThanks, Tia

  • From now on I will think more carefully when corrected by a woman, instead of immediately getting on my high horse. I cant tell you how important your service is Te-Erika. We men really do need you.

  • Thank you for this great piece of advice- it’s opened my eyes so much! I look forward to really engaging in the process of redefining my role and behaviour that I may become more of the man who should be within my relationship with my strong wife.

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