3 Responses to “Use Your God Power to Become a Goddess

  • All of this definitely describes being a Goddess. I have learned a lot from this website and am applying it in my life. It is working. But definitely is a work in progress!

  • I find the term “God Power” a little corny, but I concur with everything that has been said.

    A lot of women don’t live the way they want to because their enviroment taught them that it’s wrong. If you ask a woman if she would like to have an open relationship while her partner is faithful to her, chances are that she fancies the idea. And even though she likes it, she will be hesitant to say yes(if she says it at all), and even more hesitant to seek this type of relationship.

    I second this statement. I do feel an attraction and it doesn’t have to be romantic. It has even occured to me with women who annoy me for the X or Y reason.

    Anyway. Good post as always.

    • Whoops. The post got messed up. This is the statement that I wanted to post:

      “A man who encounters a Goddess like this will be magnetically attracted to her and unable to shake it off.”

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