13 Responses to “The Worst Dating Site to Find a Female Led Relationship

  • With myself wanting such a relationship, I find myself looking through those dating sites. But never with any luck. And I never ever seen a believable ad on Craigslist. If any one has any suggestions, I’m all for some quality suggestions.


  • Interesting read. I recently posted “4 traits of men perfect for a flr ”
    I posted it in a few cities across the country and some cities more than once. Most of the time I posted it in m4w but a few times I did post it in w4m.
    By the overwhelming response I received, I feel that there are so many men craving this type of relationship and many that identified with the traits. The response from women was almost non existent.
    Maybe I will find a way to share some of the responses. Many were longer than a paragraph and very deep.

    • Ooo yes, please do. I would read those. Can you create a blog and post there?

      • Have you looked at Craigslist lately? People looking for people seems to have gone from there. Time for a new story Te-Erica. Times are a changing.
        What is the old saying/curse? May you live in interesting times?

        • Te-Erika
          Oops, sorry. Did not proofread.
          Did not see a way to correct.

    • Have you thought about submitting a story to other magazines?
      Is your story posted here somewhere?

  • Angel: Interesting that more men replied than women. Is society changing in some way? Men in particular? Hope you share some responses and your own insight.

  • Terry, do you mind sharing what kind of verbiage would indicate to you a woman interested in a FLR? I’m at a lost on how to tastefully weave this into a profile.
    Angel, I’d also like to direct the above question to your attention. And would you please share the responses you received from your postings.
    Thanks gentlemen.
    Peace be the journey.

    • I can only hope and believe you will have much better results than is the case when males try to include LFA or FLR on our (or specifically my) profile.

      I believe something simple but clear like “Intelligent, Thoughtful Women Seeking a Man who recognizes the importance and value of Female Authority.”

      We are actively looking for you!

      • I would stay away from mentioning the word AUTHORITY. That word attracts men who need to be controlled and forced. A Loving FLR is never forced, the man willingly empowers the woman.

  • I have been looking for an FLR for over a year, no luck. I have tried Craigslist and Dating Sites. I believe demand is much greater than supply.

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