8 Responses to “My Pleasure Comes From Providing My Wife’s Pleasure

  • Beautiful. It really is about what she wants.

  • Thankyou for such an honest article. Wonderful to see that it has built on the love of your relationship without changing its fabric.

  • Great. Keep it up. We are a newly married couple and practising the same. Best wishes……

  • That sounds like the perfect marriage!

  • Just started our FLR journey Sunday. I have been searching for an example that closely matches our goals, and this seems wonderful. I particularly like how you defy definitions for your relationship. You do what is best for her

  • Wow, incredible display of how a true queen should be treated. Also a very good role model for those of us with much to still learn.

    Thank you

  • Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you for sharing this. Yours is lovely marriage and i wish you a lifetime of continued happiness. What i especially appreciated was your keen description of the kind of man you are. It can be challenging to articulate exactly what i want. The two seem in juxtaposition: wanting a strong warrior in all ways except in his deferrence to his goddess. Most men have an all or nothing lens – if you are not fully strong, you are fully weak. But i appreciate your drscribtion of a man that uses his strength in service of expressing devotion to her. Bravo sir! Thank you.

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