10 Responses to “My Pleasure Comes From Providing My Wife’s Pleasure

  • Beautiful. It really is about what she wants.

  • Thankyou for such an honest article. Wonderful to see that it has built on the love of your relationship without changing its fabric.

  • Great. Keep it up. We are a newly married couple and practising the same. Best wishes……

  • That sounds like the perfect marriage!

  • Just started our FLR journey Sunday. I have been searching for an example that closely matches our goals, and this seems wonderful. I particularly like how you defy definitions for your relationship. You do what is best for her

  • Wow, incredible display of how a true queen should be treated. Also a very good role model for those of us with much to still learn.

    Thank you

  • Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you for sharing this. Yours is lovely marriage and i wish you a lifetime of continued happiness. What i especially appreciated was your keen description of the kind of man you are. It can be challenging to articulate exactly what i want. The two seem in juxtaposition: wanting a strong warrior in all ways except in his deferrence to his goddess. Most men have an all or nothing lens – if you are not fully strong, you are fully weak. But i appreciate your drscribtion of a man that uses his strength in service of expressing devotion to her. Bravo sir! Thank you.

  • This was easy to understand. First you use an example of a Alpha Male- I finally see this type of male mentioned in your writings.The Husband in the example used a term that makes me wince in pain- he said she owns-another trigger word and NO ONE OWNS anyone in Marriage. A true Alpha male knows this too and i don’t care if he is a business owner or community leader or a Icon because he may be those things are immaterial to me and i believe are used to enhance this as an example of successful FLR

  • The point of a FLR i believe is for the lady to be comfortable and genuinely believe it to be perfectly normal and almost routine.However women do need sometimes someone to lean on and take control of some situations and the man should not be a passive onlooker but know when to step up.

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