7 Responses to “Being The Leader in Your Family Is Possible

  • I love this post and admire the ‘Woman In Charge’. Thank you.

  • I love this! A strong lady filling a traditional role in a non-traditional way. Bravo! And that little girl though! <3

  • You’re gonna have to run that by mom
    Brilliant. Always looking for inspiring words of wisdom. Do we have initials to attribute these words to or do I just use a generic “a wise young lady” so all may claim it as their own words?

  • Well written, well spoken, and inspiring! Easy to visualize the family dynamics. Good balance; healthy relationships. What we all aspire to! Thank you for sharing “the gift of self”’!

  • Wonderful! Bravo!!!

  • Very nice! But can we please get rid of the silly role playing titles (Goddess and Gentleman). The fact that a family is run by women doesn’t mean that we need to create labels or titles. Can it be what it is.

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