9 Responses to “Being The Leader in Your Family Is Possible

  • I love this post and admire the ‘Woman In Charge’. Thank you.

  • I love this! A strong lady filling a traditional role in a non-traditional way. Bravo! And that little girl though! <3

  • You’re gonna have to run that by mom
    Brilliant. Always looking for inspiring words of wisdom. Do we have initials to attribute these words to or do I just use a generic “a wise young lady” so all may claim it as their own words?

  • Well written, well spoken, and inspiring! Easy to visualize the family dynamics. Good balance; healthy relationships. What we all aspire to! Thank you for sharing “the gift of self”’!

  • Wonderful! Bravo!!!

  • Very nice! But can we please get rid of the silly role playing titles (Goddess and Gentleman). The fact that a family is run by women doesn’t mean that we need to create labels or titles. Can it be what it is.

  • hello, now i read this and well first off i see this woman is i believe you said 30 and 6 ft 3 inches tall and i just wonder how tall the husband is. i myself i am 64 yrs old and this type of woman i have seen before as well as i was in the Navy and i do respect her service to the country and thank her for her service and i also feel this lent itself to her moving in and helped lead and she should have said she together with the children’s father helped to stabilize the home. I can’t help but to see there is a dominance of the woman over the man. It Just reads badly when one zero’s in on this concept of FLR

    • I am still trying to figure out what an FLR from a woman’s viewpoint is. The woman in the above story seemed like she was setting the tone for their life and family, then Lou comes along and states she shouldn’t do it that way.?
      Am I missing something?

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